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Balkan Historic Flood Disaster Update

Posted by feww on May 17, 2014




Dozens killed, 85,000 Evacuated, Many Homes Destroyed, States of Emergency Declared in Bosnia, Serbia

The worst flooding ever recorded across the Balkans have submerged Serbia and Bosnia, killing at least two dozen people and forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes.

More than 300,000 households were without power across the two countries and Poland.

“This is a catastrophe. Nature has never been so cruel to us,” declared Serbian Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic. [Clearly, Mr Antic doesn’t read this blog. Editor]]

The government of Bosnia-Herzegovina declared a state of disaster on Thursday after extreme rain events caused rivers to burst their banks flooding a large number of infrastructure, housing facilities and agricultural areas.

Flooding also triggered numerous landslides in the mountainous regions, burying entire communities, destroying roads and bridges.

Floodwaters left many parts of Serbia isolated, accessible only by boat.

“This is the greatest flooding disaster ever. Not just in the past 100 years; this has never happened in Serbia’s history,” Serbia’s Prime Minister told reporters.

“More rain fell in one day than in four months,” he said.

Serbia declared a state of emergency across the country Thursday, and asked for international help, as rescuers continued to evacuate tens of thousands of people by boat, most of them from the rooftops.

Meanwhile, Bosnia’s Center for the Removal of Landmines warned that mines laid during the 1992-95 war could be dislodged by floods and landslides, Reuters reported.

Several towns in Serbia, including Krupanj in the Mačva District (population; 5,000) have been almost completely destroyed.

More than 800 landslides have occurred across the deluged region.

Cost of Damage

FIRE-EARTH Models estimate the total cost of damage caused by flooding and landslides in the Balkans at more than $2 billion, based on initial reports, as of posting. The estimate includes the cost of flood damage to Tamnava coal mines, in the Kolubara coal basin.

Links to Recent Historic Floods

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MERS Infection Kills More People

Posted by feww on May 17, 2014


Saudi Arabia reports five new MERS cases and three additional deaths

Saudi health authorities reported five new Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) cases and three additional deaths from the infection on Friday.

The latest figures raise the total number of reported cases in Saudi Arabia to at least 520, including 163 fatalities

MERS Cases Worldwide

FIRE-EARTH Models project the total cases of MERS-CoV infections worldwide at 650 with 210 fatalities, as of May 17, 2014.

What’s MERS?

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a viral respiratory illness  caused by a coronavirus called “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).”


MERS symptoms include fever and pneumonia leading to kidney failure and often death. Most victims who got infected with MERS-CoV developed severe acute respiratory illness with symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath. About half of them died. Some people were reported as having a mild respiratory illness within 14 days after traveling from countries in the Arabian Peninsula or neighboring countries.

MERS Virus
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)

MERS was first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is viral respiratory illness first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012. It is caused by a coronavirus called MERS-CoV. Most people who have been confirmed to have MERS-CoV infection developed severe acute respiratory illness. They had fever, cough, and shortness of breath. About half of these people died.

MERS-CoV is not the same coronavirus that caused severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003. However, like the SARS virus, MERS-CoV is most similar to coronaviruses found in bats. –CDC

Countries with Lab-Confirmed MERS – Reported Cases Since April 2012

  • Egypt
  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Unites States of America (USA)
  • Yemen

Source of MERS

MERS-CoV has been “extraordinarily common” in camels since the 1990s, and it may have evolved after being passed to humans, according to a recent study.  The virus has been found in camels in Qatar and a bat in Saudi Arabia. Camels in a few other countries have also tested positive for antibodies to MERS-CoV.

Doctors Resigning for Fear of Infection

At least four doctors at a Jeddah hospital resigned in April after refusing to treat MERS patients for fear of infection, said reports.

MERS a Year Ago

A total of 38 infected cases had been reported in Saudi Arabia, 49 worldwide, as of May 30, 2013.

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California Running Out of Snow

Posted by feww on May 17, 2014


Could this Explain the Requisition for Submachine Guns?

Calif Statewide Average SWEQ Drops to 1″ (2.5cm)

The statewide average snow water equivalent in California has dropped to just 1 inch, or only 7% of the average for the date, and 4% of the average for April 1.

The following is a summary of California Cooperative Snow Surveys as reported on May 16, 2014 at 09:06PDT.

Calif SWEQ
Source: California Cooperative Snow Surveys/ Department of Water Resources. 

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USDA Buying Submachine Guns

Posted by feww on May 17, 2014

Submachine Guns with Tritium Night Sights?  Commercial Acquisition? The U.S. Department of Agriculture?

The Agriculture Department has requested an unspecified number of submachine guns, .40 Cal. with night sights and magazines with 30-round capacity.

The solicitation posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website also includes the Agriculture Department’s requirements for the deadly weapons to be lightweight, feature rails for attachment of flashlight, and come with  shoulder slings and “oversized” guard for gloved operation.

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector General, located in Washington, DC, pursuant to the authority of FAR Part 13, has a requirement for the commerical [sic] acquisition of submachine guns, .40 Cal. S&W, ambidextrous safety, semi-automatic or 2 shot burts [sic] trigger group, Tritium night sights for front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope (top rear), stock-collapsilbe [sic] or folding, magazine – 30 rd. capacity, sling, light weight, and oversized trigger guard for gloved operation. NO SOLICITATION DOCUMENT EXISTS. All responsible and/or interested sources may submit their company name, point of contact, and telephone. If received timely, shall be considered by the agency for contact to determine weapon suitability.”

[USDA has NOT placed a request for spellcheckers on their PCs. Editor]

The solicitation comes shortly after solicitations by the State Department and other “non-military” agencies to purchase large amounts of explosives , detonators, igniters…  via Solicitation Nos. FY14-GC-273, FY14-GC-281, FY14-GC-282 and  FY14-GC-272.

The State is also buying huge quantities of ammunition via Solicitation No. FY14-GC-23.


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