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Mass Evacuations as Floods Submerge Towns in Croatia

Posted by feww on May 19, 2014



Flooding, landslides in Balkans kill dozens, destroy or damage thousands of homes, displace hundreds of thousands

  • More than 500,00 people have been evacuated or abandoned their homes in Bosnia: Officials

  • Thousands of landslides have devastated vast areas in both Bosnia and Serbia, destroying score of homes and killing dozens of people.
  • States of disaster have been declared for dozens of communities across Croatia as floodwaters submerge vast swaths of the country.
  • At least 30,000 Serbians have been evacuated.

  • Floodwaters threaten additional towns and key power plants in Bosnia and Serbia.
  • Thousands, possibly tens of thousands of livestock have perished in the flood-stricken regions.

River Sava topped previous record heights, bursting its banks in numerous places,  flooding several cities, dozens of towns and communities throughout central Croatia, and  forcing thousands of people to flee their homes.

At least three people were reported dead or missing during mass evacuations, according to reports.

Serbia is facing its biggest natural disaster: Serbian PM

“The situation is catastrophic,” he said.

“While passing through Zabrezje, houses were just peeking from water… In some parts of the city there was total silence sometimes interrupted by barking of dogs looming on roofs,” Blic reported.

According to one rescuer in Obrenovac, bodies are floating in the water and the rescuers have trouble evacuating all the people who are still trapped in the city.

“The situation in Obrenovac remained very critical and rescuers had started uncovering dead bodies. I will not reveal the number until the water goes down,” Predrag Maric, head of police emergency sector said on Saturday. Floods are threatening to leave one third of Serbia without electricity. Forecasters expect the Sava River to rise in the coming days due to the rainfall upstream in Bosnia and Croatia.

Thousands of  Landslides

In Bosnia, the floodwaters were described as a 4 to 5 meter tsunami wave, destroying everything in its path.

Extreme rain events and flooding have triggered thousands of landslides, devastating homes, businesses, schools and infrastructure across vast areas.

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