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Beijing Broils Under Deadly Heat

Posted by feww on May 30, 2014


Beijing Temperatures Top 40°C

Beijing Municipal Warning Center upgraded its temperature warning to “red” early Thursday afternoon.

At least three people have died from heatstroke, as a heatwave  continues to grip China.

Two people died in Yuanyang county in Yunnan province, where the temperatures have been hovering above 40°C  for weeks.

A third fatality was reported in Hong Kong, said South China Morning post.

RED Temperature Warning

“The red warning calls for power suppliers and fire departments to be on the alert, outdoor work and activities to be ceased and classes to be suspended at all schools,” reported Xinhua.

Beijing Meteorological Bureau forecast that temperatures would exceed 42°C [108 degrees] in parts of the city, said the report.

The previous record for hottest day in May was set in 1951, when Beijing temperature reached 38.3°C.

Neighboring regions of Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong Henan and Anhui have also reported record high temperatures.

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