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Drought, Rising Temperatures Force Evacuation of California Trout Hatcheries

Posted by feww on June 18, 2014

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California Evacuating Millions of Trout amid Drought, Rising Temperatures

California wildlife officials are evacuating Millions of young rainbow trout, salmon and steelhead from hatcheries near Sacramento to save the fish from rising water temperatures caused by worsening drought.

They are moving rainbow trout out of the American River Hatchery, having released salmon and steelhead from Nimbus Hatchery into state waterways, according to reports.

California is now in its third year of a catastrophic drought. The entire state is currently under some level of drought, ranging in severity from moderate to exceptional.

“The water is expected to reach lethal temperatures for these fish. We are taking proactive actions to avoid catastrophic fish losses,” Fish and Wildlife’s state hatchery program manager said in a statement. “We’ve engaged in an evacuation plan so these fish don’t just sit here in the hatchery and die.”

“The fish in the warm waters are constantly stressed,” he said. “Their immune systems don’t work well, and a lot of the bacterial pathogens have an advantage.”

The water flows through the hatcheries on the American River normally at about 65 degrees, he said, However the temperature could rise above 78 degrees this year.

Up to 2.5 million fish are being evacuated.

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FIRE-EARTH 2009 Forecast: Desertification of California in the Near Future Is Almost a Certainty – with the critical phase occurring by as early as 2011.

[NOTE: The above forecast and most of the links posted below have previously been filtered/censored by Google, WordPress and others. Editor]

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