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Another Shameful Day Commemorated by Abe’s Japan

Posted by feww on June 24, 2014

Crocodile tears: Abe marks 69th anniversary of Okinawa Battle

“I lower my head silently, while closing my eyelids together with all the people of this country and etching deep in our hearts the fact that we owe our existence today to the sacrifices endured by Okinawa, and the blood and tears shed by its people,” the Kyodo news agency quoted Abe as saying during a commemoration ceremony at the Peace Memorial Park in the city of Itoman, Okinawa June 23, 2014.

It’s unclear exactly which of the victims Abe was referring to, the rapist, cowards of the Imperial Army, or the civilians who were forced by the army to commit mass suicide.

[Editor’s Note: Japan lost the Battle of Okinawa, and subsequently the war, in the most humiliating way possible.  So it’s unclear how exactly Abe and his criminal cohorts owe their “existence today to the sacrifices endured by Okinawa.”]

According to the official U.S. Army records, a total of 142,058 civilians lost their lives during the 82-day campaign, including those killed by artillery fire, air strikes and those who had been pressed into service by the Imperial Japanese Army. But many also committed suicides on orders by the retreating Imperial Army.

“There are many Okinawans who have testified that the Japanese Army directed them to commit suicide. There are also people who have testified that they were handed grenades by Japanese soldiers” to blow themselves up, wrote Ryukyu Shimpo, one of the two major Okinawan newspapers.

“There were two types of orders for ‘honorable deaths’—one for residents to kill each other and the other for the military to kill all residents.” —From the documentary Nuchigafu by the Korean-Japanese director, Pak Su-nam.

The Japanese Army used civilians as human shields against the Americans. They forced civilians out of their shelters, confiscated food from them and executed those who hid it, leading to a mass starvation among Okinawans.

Japanese soldiers also murdered more than 1,000 Okinawans for speaking their mother tongue to suppress spying.

“You have the Battle of Britain, in which your airmen protected the British people. We had the Battle of Okinawa, in which the exact opposite happened. The Japanese army not only starved the Okinawans but used them as human shields. That dark history is still present today…,” an official of the prefectural government in Okinawa told The Guardian.

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