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Extreme Drought Spreads in California

Posted by feww on July 25, 2014

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Exceptional and Extreme Drought Levels Cover about 82 Percent of California

About 81.89 percent of California is covered by ‘Extreme’ to ‘Exceptional’ drought levels, up from 81.85 percent last week.

The entire land area in the Golden State is experiencing ‘Severe’ to Exceptional drought, according to U.S. Drought Monitor.

California experiences record warmest winter and spring

Meanwhile, the most populous U.S. state saw its warmest winter and spring on record this year, with the temperatures rising 2.8ºC (5 degrees Fahrenheit)  above normal during the first six months of 2014,  about 0.6ºC (1 degree F) warmer than the previous record, increasing the threat of water famine, crop disasters and wildfires even further.

FIRE-EARTH 2009 Forecast: Desertification of California in the Near Future Is Almost a Certainty – with the critical phase occurring by as early as 2011.

[NOTE: The above forecast and most of the links posted below have previously been filtered/censored by Google, WordPress and rest of the Internet Mafia. Editor]

California State Resources

California Drought Disasters

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