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Another Attempt to Discredit, Even Criminalize FIRE-EARTH

Posted by feww on August 4, 2014

Important Notice – August 4, 2014

We are advised that the Internet Mafia has adopted the acronym for FIRE-EARTH private channel, UDCCpf, in its child porn advertising, to discredit even criminalize this organization through name association.

attempts to discredit FIRE-EARTH
Do Evil! Google continues to promote child porn on its search engines.

Ergo, as of August 4, 2014 FIRE-EARTH and EDRO are replacing the above acronym with ‘FIRE-EARTH Reports,’ or ‘FIRE-EARTH Special Reports.’

The acronym was carefully researched and found to be unique before it was first used in July 2011.

FIRE-EARTH and EDRO Moderators are neither associated with any commercial, political, governmental, religious, or otherwise criminal organizations, nor participate in immoral activities including advertising and promoting porn sites.

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Thousands Dead or Injured in SW China Quake

Posted by feww on August 4, 2014

SCENARIOS 444, 080, 070, 09, 08, 07

Earthquake kills at least 398, injures 1,881 others in SW China

Death toll has risen to at least 398, with 1,881 others injured, from an earthquake that struck SW China’s Yunnan province on Sunday, August 3, reported Xinhua, the country’s official news agency.

The magnitude 6.5 earthquake, said to be the strongest to strike the province in 100 years, has destroyed or damaged more than 42,000 buildings, said the report.

The quake has destroyed or damaged about 90 percent of “wood and earth” houses, which includes most of the structures in the disaster zone, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The deadly quake has affected at least 1.09 million people, forcing more than 230,000 people to relocate.

According to USGS/EHP, at least 4 aftershocks measuring between magnitudes 4.5Mw and 4.7Mw have struck the disaster zone, as of posting.

“As of 8 a.m. Monday, 411 aftershocks had been recorded in the quake-hit region, with four measured between 4.0 to 4.9 magnitude and five between 3.0 to 3.9 magnitude, according to the administration,” said Xinhua.

Meanwhile, China’s National Committee for Disaster Mitigation has upgraded its disaster relief response to the highest-level, said the report.

“[The National Committee for Disaster Mitigation] decided to lift the level of the disaster relief response from grade III to I at 11 a.m. Monday. Grade I is usually issued for ‘especially major natural disasters’ in which more than 200 people are killed or more than 1 million people are relocated.”

Thundershowers are forecast through Wednesday, making the relief work much more difficult in the mountainous disaster zone.

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