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Extreme Rain Events Batter E. China Province

Posted by feww on August 22, 2014

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Mass Evacuations in E. China as Floods Affect Half Million People

At least half a million people have been affected by extreme rain events and severe flooding across four cities in east China’s Zhejiang Province since August 8, with about 65,000 people displaced, according to China’s official news agency, Xinhua.

“Statistics from the provincial hydrological bureau showed that the province’s average precipitation has reached 204 millimeters over the past fortnight, the highest since 1951 excluding the influence of typhoons.”

Up to a thousand houses have collapsed, and 26,100 hectares of croplands have been damaged, of which 1,400 hectares were completely destroyed, said the report.

“The torrential rains also forced 255 factories and mines to stop their production, destroyed 193 roads, 21 power supply lines, 33 sluices, 72 small reservoirs, 444 irrigation facilities and 13 hydropower stations.”

Drought causes severe water shortages in NE China

Meantime, a severe drought in NE China has left about a third of a million people without drinking water.

Drought in northeast China’s Liaoning Province has left about 330,000 people and 82,000 head of livestock without water, said authorities, Xinhua reported.

“The worst drought since 1951 has also affected 28 million mu (1.8 million hectares) of crops, 56 reservoirs and 427 rivers, said the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters.”

Liaoning has received less than 40 percent of its average rainfall between  July 1 and August 17, and the dry, hot weather is forecast to continue, said the report.

“Artificial rain has failed to relieve the situation.”

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