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ANGRY Mt. Ontake Erupts in Central Japan

Posted by feww on September 27, 2014

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Volcanic eruptions can be far more devastating than atom bombs!

For now, deadly Ontake eruption traps more than 270 hikers, injuring dozens and burying 3 others under volcanic ash.

Ontake volcano (283040), the second highest volcano in Japan, which straddles the border between Nagano and Gifu prefectures, erupted late Saturday morning, spewing a thick plume of ash, smoke and volcanic matter up to a height of 3.5km.

Pyroclasts including small rocks ejected from the angry volcano have seriously injured at least 32 people, knocking more than a dozen of them unconscious, said local reports quoting officials at Kiso fire department in Nagano Prefecture.

Three climbers are missing believed to be buried under volcanic ash. “A 4th person who was buried under ash was later rescued but remains unconscious,” said the local TV news.

Deadly Eruption

[Updated at 14:40UTC] At least one person, a 38 year-old female, has been killed as a result of the eruption, said local reports.

More than 40 of the 271 hikers initially stranded, taking shelter at a cottage near the volcano summit, still remain on the mountain, including the injured who are waiting to be rescued.

The 3,067-meter tall volcano, located about 200km west of Tokyo, last erupted 7 years ago. A previous eruption in 1979 caused significant damage to crops in the nearby farms.

“It’s all white outside, looks like it has snowed. There is very bad visibility and we can’t see the top of the mountain,” a worker at a mountain hut for trekkers told Reuters.

“There are 15cm of ash on the ground,” she said.

“All we can do now is shut up the hut and then we are planning on coming down… This is a busy season because of the changing autumn leaves. It’s one of our busiest seasons.”

Authorities have warned that the eruption could eject pyroclasts as far as 4km from the caldera.

A thick plume of ash was still hanging over the volcano at dusk, TV footage showed.

“We expect a lot of injured people so we are now getting ready for their arrival,” said an official at Kiso Prefectural Hospital located near the mountain.

Meantime, the local meteorological agency upgraded its 5-stage volcanic alert for Ontake to “Orange”  or Level 3—Do not approach the volcano.

Sakurajima also Erupted Today

Meantime, Tokyo Volcanic Ash Advisory issue an eruption alert for SAKURAJIMA-WAKAMIKO (AIRA-CALDERA) 282080, earlier today.
The volcano erupted at 10:16UTC (2014/09/27) with the ash cloud climbing to FL070 and extending southwesterly.

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13 Responses to “ANGRY Mt. Ontake Erupts in Central Japan”

  1. Paul said

    Japan is afflicted with abject moral poverty. The government incompetence, corporate greed, fear of illegitimate authority, social liberal democratic party, the incest emperor and his retarded crowd, cultural degeneration and depravity are just some of the symptoms of the dreadful affliction.

  2. Ken M. said

    Fukushima disaster was preventable: New study
    “While most studies have focused on the response to the accident, we’ve found that there were design problems that led to the disaster that should have been dealt with long before the earthquake hit,” said Synolakis, professor of civil and environmental engineering at USC Viterbi. “Earlier government and industry studies focused on the mechanical failures and ‘buried the lead.’ The pre-event tsunami hazards study, if done properly, would have identified the diesel generators as the linchpin of a future disaster. Fukushima Daiichi was a sitting duck waiting to be flooded.”

    At the four damaged nuclear power plants (Onagawa, Fukushima Daiichi, Fukushimi Daini and Toka Daini), 22 of the 33 total backup diesel generators were washed away, including 12 of 13 at Fukushima Daiichi. Of the 33 total backup power lines to off-site generators, all but two were obliterated by the tsunami.

    Unable to cool itself, Fukushima Daiichi’s reactors melted down one by one.

    “What doomed Fukushima Daiichi was the elevation of the EDGs (emergency diesel generators),” the authors wrote. One set was located in a basement, and the others at 10 and 13 meters above sea level — inexplicably and fatally low, Synolakis said.

  3. Chris S. said

    I bet Japanese authorities will never admit to their deadly mistakes that led to the negligent homicide on Mt Ontake, let alone compensate the victims families.

    Once again the Chinese have proven that they are socially far more advanced than the evolutionarily-static Japanese.

    China says it will compensate families of 36 victims of the New Year’s Eve stampede in Shanghai 800,000 yuan ($131,147) each.

    The 49 injured people will also receive compensations based on the severity of their injuries.

    • J.J. said

      Tell me about it! More than 70 years on, they haven’t yet compensated the comfort women, or the Okinawan victims of the imperial atrocities.

    • Pamela said

      “evolutionarily-static” is a very apt adjective. this is what worshiping stone statues does to them.

  4. Tim H. said

    Et tu, Reute?

  5. Dylan S. said

    It’d be interesting to find out whether it was a case of quid pro quo (pieces of silver received), or Reuters simply buckled under threats issued by the establishment.

  6. Ken T. said

    Reuters are a for-profit organization.
    Telling the truth, or allowing others to do so via their forum is not a profitable business.

  7. Carl P. said

    Information terrorism!

  8. Tom C. said

    Reuters “refuse” agency are too deeply embedded to be of any value to their readers.

  9. newsreader2014 said

    Reuters “Charlie Hebdo” all of my comments after I wrote about systemic corruption in Japan, which lead to the negligent mass homicide on Mt Ontake:

    At least 31 feared dead near peak of Japanese volcano By Elaine Lies –
    TOKYO | Sun Sep 28, 2014 4:50pm EDT

    Sep 28, 2014
    newsreader2014 wrote
    :The volcanic tremors reportedly began at least 2 days ago. The average seismologist would/should have associated the activity with a possible eruption.

    On a mellow autumn day like Saturday you’d find tens of thousands of pilgrims and hikers alike climbing Mt Ontake –not just hundreds!

    At least 36 feared dead on Japanese volcano, search called off – By Elaine Lies
    TOKYO | Mon Sep 29, 2014 2:18pm EDT

    Sep 29, 2014
    newsreader2014 wrote
    “They often occur quite suddenly and there is absolutely no guarantee that the earthquakes earlier this month were connected […] There is no guarantee of total safety when you’re dealing with nature.”

    What a double load of horse man*%$#!

    Volcanic tremors usually top the list of ways in which volcanoes alert “experts” concerning imminent eruptions!
    Mt Ontake deaths are a clear case of “negligent mass homicide!”
    The 5-level alert system is there for a good reason. If the “experts” were unable to interpret the volcanic earthquakes, they should have simply erred on the side of caution, raising the alert level by a notch or two to avoid mass casualties.

    U.S. military lays out plan for coping with climate change
    By Ayesha Rascoe – WASHINGTON | Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:31pm EDT

    Oct 14, 2014 6:22am EDT
    newsreader2014 wrote:
    “President Barack Obama has made combating climate change a priority of his second term.”
    How does he “combat” climate change, using conventional weapons?
    Japan’s nuclear restart unlikely this year, local vote expected in December
    SATSUMASENDAI Japan Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:37am BST

    Oct 16, 2014
    newsreader2014 wrote:
    As for the employment slant, nuclear energy industry is not particularly renowned for creating jobs, not before a meltdown, anyway!
    Regarding the economic aspect, the cost of subsidizing electricity generated by the disaster-stricken Fukushima reactors throughout the plant’s lifetime would have been between 500,000 and 1,000,000 times lower than the final damage value.
    A senior Japanese educator once told me: “Japanese elite have always aspired to be as big, as boastful, and as baneful as the Untied States, no matter what the cost.”
    Well, let’s not spoil the surprise

    Oct 16, 2014 6:41am EDT
    newsreader2014 wrote:
    Regarding the economic aspect, the cost of subsidizing the equivalent amount of electricity generated by safer methods, compared with that of the disaster-stricken Fukushima reactors throughout the plant’s lifetime, would have been between 500,000 and 1,000,000 times lower than the final damage value.


    Nuclear workers kept in dark on Fukushima hazard pay
    By Mari Saito and Antoni Slodkowski – HIRONO | Tue Oct 7, 2014 9:01pm EDT

    Oct 08, 2014 12:30pm EDT
    newsreader2014 wrote:
    Strangely enough, the answer to the Fukushima debacles can be found in the Japanese history.
    The sense of fair play, which is described in many societies as ‘the most human of human characteristics,’ is alien to the Japanese culture.
    Time and time again, the Japanese have shown that they lack moral judgment.
    Examples are abound: The Rape of Nanjing, attack on Pearl Harbor, enticing suicide pilots to attack U.S. vessels, refusing to admit to military prostitution and failing to compensate comfort woman, murder and mass starvation of Okinawans, lying about the extent of Fukushima catastrophe and subjecting workers to harm…
    In his book “Japan’s Hidden Face,” Toshihiko Abe, one of the very few honorable Japanese writers, says: “At least 9 out of 10 people in Japan today are descendants of slaves or of the prisoners in mountain ghettos who were not allowed to experience human feelings…”
    “Unfortunately, humanist ideas had limited exposure in Japan [for many centuries.]” [page 227]
    The Authors adds: “Perhaps this is the reason why we call ourselves shomin (illegitimate people, even under today’s democratic system.” [page 146, ISBN 1-891696-05-X BainBridge Books]

    “Some 20 million people died in the Pacific War, 17 million of them victims of Japanese aggression,” Toshihiko Abe quotes The Times as saying, adding that “Japanese war leaders have never been judged guilty by the Japanese people in the last 50 years.” [page 217]
    Japanese have never questioned, who started the war, why the war plan was so foolish, who fired the first shot…
    “The International Military Tribunal for the Far East revealed that the Japanese army was involved in the massacre of six million civilians.” [page 223]… and “all Japanese supported the military.”
    “It has not been possible to really establish democracy in Japan. You cannot democratize a nation using the [undemocratic] okami [system.]”
    He asserts:
    “In a society that makes one man at the top as perfect as god, whatever facts spoil that image must be suppressed. This principle rules Japanese society from the imperial household to president of banks.” [page 226]
    Lies and more lies still…
    “Japan’s history is based on the fictitious myth of a single racial and ethnic people with a deified emperor whose linage is fabricated to seem “unbroken from the infinite past.”
    All for one, and one for none! What democracy!?
    “Undemocratic ideas have been used to preserve the vertical society in which government can more easily rule the people.”
    Politicians and business leader do not risk the status quo.
    “No politician is willing to take responsibility for action to the benefit of the majority. Even now we are daunted by harsh slavery. The coward’s mentality was passed down from generation to generation…”
    Slaves and bullies. . .
    “The despotic rule by okami and slavish mentality of the masses have expanded downward over a thousand years, and this society formed in the mind of people has survived, despite the modernization of the political system.”
    “A slave will have to live like a slave till he dies. The best he can do is to cheat the master, and his own sense of power comes from tormenting whomever is weaker than himself.” [page 267]
    [Japan’s Hidden Face ISBN 1-891696-05-X BainBridge Books]

    Japanese PM Abe suffers setback as two ministers quit
    By Linda Sieg – TOKYO | Mon Oct 20, 2014 6:27am EDT

    October 20, 2014
    newsreader2014 wrote:
    In his book, “Japan’s Hidden Face,” the prominent Japanese businessman and author Toshihiko Abe says:

    In Japan, although the prime minister is “the leader of the nation,” it’s “someone else sitting behind the scene [who] holds the real power. He can have the Diet designate whomever he wants to be prime minister, and manipulate him as he like, though he has no legal ground to do so at all. His power simply derives from money. This makes all LDP leaders absorbed in a money game, rather than working out good policies for the people. For the last [fifty] years, politicians, government officials and businessmen have built up a triangle of interests.” [P177]

    “[The Boss] can simply replace his robot prime minister when necessary.” [page 183]

    “Businesses provide ministers and government officials with positions in private companies after retirement. If government officials are faithful to LDP rulers, an easy and comfortable life is guaranteed for the rest of their lives.” [page 184]

    [Japan’s Hidden Face ISBN 1-891696-05-X BainBridge Books]


  10. kabukiman said

    We may never know the actual death toll, however the authorities here in Japan say the volcano killed 57 people and left six others missing. And that we have to accept, no questions asked!
    I have since scoured the Internet and found several comments made by informed sources who say the tragedy was avoidable.
    May I please know the blog position on whether the authorities should have issued any warnings that that an eruption could occur?

    • feww said

      We’ve seen those comments, some of which have since been removed by Reuters News Agency.

      Based on the details of seismicity at the volcano, as released by Japan Meteorology Agency (JMA) prior to the eruption, our experts believe that the authorities should have issued a “Level 3,” or “Orange” warning to prevent anyone from approaching the volcano.

      Further, we believe the failure to issue any warning is tantamount to negligent homicide.

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