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Drought Decimates Water Reserve in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Posted by feww on October 11, 2014

SCENARIOS  444, 219, 111, 100, 090, 03, 02

Brazil’s biggest city running out of water after 9 months of exceptional drought

The governor of Sao Paulo has asked the federal government for permission to siphon the remaining water out of the main reservoir that supplies water to millions of residents in Sao Paulo city, AP reported.

More than 95% of the water in Sao Paulo’s main reservoir, the Cantareira system, has already gone.  The reservoir provides water to about 6.7 million residents.

The drought, said to be Brazil’s worst ever, has also affected at least 30 other  cities in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

The affected regions  received  less than 30 percent of the normal rain during Brazil’s wet season that runs from December to February.

One Response to “Drought Decimates Water Reserve in Sao Paulo, Brazil”

  1. mgr said

    Brazil should start afforestation immediately and stop deforestation

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