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TY VONGFONG Batters the Radioactive Islands

Posted by feww on October 14, 2014

SCENARIOS  444, 111, 088, 070, 066, 033, 025, 024, 023, 022, 09, 02

VONGFONG  kills at least two, injures 100 in Japan

After the Mt Ontake debacle, Japanese officials left nothing to chance issuing evacuation orders and advisories for up to a million people in at least 7 prefectures as the typhoon swept the along the radioactive islands.

VONGFONG [“the wasp” in Cantonese,] which was a super typhoon before striking Okinawa, landed near Makurazaki in Kagoshima Prefecture at about 8:30 AM local time on Monday, and was later downgraded to a severe tropical storm.

The typhoon caused substantial damage to property in numerous areas due to flooding and storm surges. Torrential rains brought by the storm triggered flash flooding and mudslides, inundating many homes and businesses.

[Note: Failure by the Japanese authorities to issue a warning before Mt Ontake eruption late September, despite the enhanced seismic activity at the volcano, led to at least 56 fatalities with 7 others still missing.  —Editor]

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Powerful Quake Strikes Nicaragua Coast

Posted by feww on October 14, 2014

SCENARIOS 09, 08, 07, 02

M7.3 Strikes 67km WSW of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua

Centered at 12.576°N, 88.046°W the quake occurred at a depth of about 40.0km close to the Middle America Trench, reported USGS/EHP.

The quake was followed by at least one significant aftershock, measuring  5.0Mw, as of posting.

Tsunami Evaluation

NO Pacific-wide Tsunami was generated.


“Yellow alert for shaking-related fatalities and economic losses. Some casualties and damage are possible and the impact should be relatively localized. Past yellow alerts have required a local or regional level response,” according to USGS model.

Estimated economic losses are expected to be less than 1% of GDP of Nicaragua.

Earthquake Details

Magnitude: 7.3Mw
Event Time: 2014-10-14 03:51:35 UTC
Location: 12.576°N 88.046°W depth=40.0km (24.9mi)
Nearby Cities

  • 67km (42mi) WSW of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua
  • 86km (53mi) SSW of La Union, El Salvador
  • 95km (59mi) W of Corinto, Nicaragua
  • 95km (59mi) SSE of San Rafael Oriente, El Salvador
  • 174km (108mi) SE of San Salvador, El Salvador

Other Significant Seismicity

M6.1 – South of the Kermadec Islands

Event Time: 2014-10-14 04:12:30 UTC
Location: 34.917°S, 179.970°E depth=31.5km (19.6mi)
Nearby Cities

  • 400km (249mi) SSW of L’Esperance Rock
  • 430km (267mi) NE of Whakatane, NZ
  • 450km (280mi) NNE of Gisborne, NZ
  • 459km (285mi) NE of Tauranga, NZ
  • 840km (522mi) NE of Wellington, NZ

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