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Lava Enters Two Residences in Pāhoa

Posted by feww on October 29, 2014

SCENARIOS 989, 900, 797, 787, 707, 444, 402, 070, 047, 017, 07, 02

Kīlauea June 27th flow enters Pāhoa, Hawaii

Lava is crossing Pāhoa Village, Hawaii at a rate of about 15 m/hr (16yd/hr), according to observers from Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO).

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 5:57 PM HST (Wednesday, October 29, 2014 03:57 UTC)

Kīlauea Volcano Activity Summary: Kīlauea continued to erupt at its summit and within the East Rift Zone, and gas emissions remained elevated. The advance rate of the narrow leading edge has been variable over the past day, and as high as 16 meters (17 yards) per hour. The flow width was less than about 50 meters (55 yards) at the leading edge and as wide as 150 meters (165 yards) immediately upslope as breakouts have occurred along margins of the flow. Portions of the flow continued to inflate by as much as 2 meters as new fresh new lava was delivered to the advancing flow front.

As of 5:30 PM, the flow was 310 meters (340 yards) in a straight line distance from Pāhoa Village Road and about 900 meters (985 yards) in a straight-line distance from Highway 130.

The lava lobe upslope of Apa`a Street advanced about 30 meters (82 yards) since yesterday. [Source: HVO]

June 27th Lava Flow Observations:

Top: The most rapidly advancing lobe of the flow entered the first occupied residential property at about 2 am HST Tuesday morning, and is continuing to advance northeast towards Pāhoa Village Road, currently at a rate of 15 m/hr (16 yd/hr). HVO expects the flow to cross Pahoa Village Road between Apaʻa St and Post Office Road. Bottom: Note the inflated flow behind the fence, which is chest-high. (Source: HVO)

The June 27th lava flow burns vegetation as it approaches a property boundary above Pāhoa early on the morning of Tuesday, October 28, 2014. (Source: HVO)

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