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Flooding Forces Thousands to Evacuate in Italy

Posted by feww on November 6, 2014

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Extreme Rain Events (EREs) Plague Entire Western Italy

Flooding and mudslides have destroyed orchards, vineyards in Tuscany, Liguria, and Veneto regions of Italy, said officials

Mass evacuations were ordered in coastal areas of Tuscany and Liguria, as extreme rain events triggered severe flooding and mudslided. Authorities issued a “red alert” for most of Liguria.

“Schools have been closed in Carrara, which is halfway between Florence and Genoa, while trains have also been stopped,” said a report.

In the Tuscan city of Carrara, halfway between Florence and Genoa, more than 200 meters of riverbank collapsed into Carrione River, with floodwaters trapping hundreds of families inside their homes.

The Po River in Lombardy rose by more than two meters in 24 hours on Wednesday.

The lagoon city of Venice was also flooded by high water.

Piemonte and parts of Liguria have also been put heightened alert amid EREs, said reports.

2 Responses to “Flooding Forces Thousands to Evacuate in Italy”

  1. Stella said

    No body has the right to ‘Order’ another to evacuate, irrelevant of the reason.

  2. It really isn’t all that difficult.

    A simple solution to future pollution is depicted in this cartoon . . . . . .


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