Fire Earth

Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

Severe Flooding Swamps W. Uganda, Slovenia, BA, Argentina

Posted by feww on November 8, 2014

SCENARIOS 900, 477, 444, 111,  097, 071, 070, 066, 047, 027, 025, 023

Deadly Floods Triggered by EREs Hit Buenos Aires Province

Extreme Rain Events (EREs) since late October have flooded the Luján River, inundating large areas across 23 districts in Buenos Aires Province, and forcing more than 5,300 evacuations, government sources were reported as saying.

The worst affected areas are Tigre, Quilmes, San Fernando, Ensenada and Lomas de Zamora, as well as Luján and La Matanza.

At least two deaths have been attributed to the flooding, said a report.

EREs Displace Thousands in Western Uganda

At least 16,000 people have been displaced in the western Uganda due to severe flooding after River Semliki burst its banks following extreme rain events (EREs)

Slovenia issues more flood alerts

Flood alerts have been issued for central and southern Slovenia as extreme rain events continued to pound the country.

Thousands of homes around Ljubljana, the capital and largest city of Slovenia, have been flooded as rivers continued rising, local media reported.

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