Fire Earth

Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

FIRE-EARTH Forecast for 2015

Posted by feww on December 19, 2014

Members Messages – December 19, 2014

FIRE-EARTH Forecast for 2015 will be broadcast for members on Saturday and Sunday, December 27 – 28, 2014 at the following times:

08:32, 12:32, 16:32, 18:30, 20:32 and 22:32UTC.


Please note that FIRE-EARTH Forecast for 2015 will NOT be made public to prevent repeat theft of important information.

Forecasts, ideas and information posted on FIRE-EARTH blog have been (are being) stolen, plagiarized, twisted and misused by commercial Internet sites, including Google-affiliated blogs and others, “the Cabal News Network,” “the ‘Greek Post,’” “tabloids,” NSA-sponsored blogs, “end-world prophecy,” “extinction,” “die-off protocol,” “poleshift,” “‘shame’ progress,” “2012 and beyond,” “Planet X, Nibiru,” and many other spin sites.

For a comprehensive list of the perpetrators, google the Internet using search terms associated with disaster topics and you’ll find the worst of those spin-doctors displayed prominently (top 40, or higher), often repeatedly, in the search results.

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42 Responses to “FIRE-EARTH Forecast for 2015”

  1. JG said

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    ÝŒ'fŠjÐÂà€R^0]ìœùœ”,PK ~–ëS™ç{‹]_

  2. HMC said

  3. LC said

  4. JD said

  5. TC said

  6. BB said

  7. CW said

  8. PW said

  9. GF said

  10. CW said

  11. TR said

  12. JM said

  13. CB said

  14. WG said

  15. MD said

  16. BE said

  17. CT said

  18. Tim said

    I have the same question? Nothing I can find about membership?

    • feww said

      Hi Tim,
      Please see reply to Mary Ann.

      • Tim Joyce said

        Well, my life is helping others… Specifically in matters of Truths. When others simply see, there are those that peer. Others will hear but few truly listen. People will read but less will research, dig and sift. This way change becomes us is as certain as the effects follow cause. Some point… Are natural messangers, watchers if you will. Then there are thise who go farther… A person partially awake said to me once; “i will take as many with me as i can before i die.” A concept no doubt borrowed from some film. I looked at him and said ; “you have it all wrong my friend, its not how many you kill… Its how many you can help.” So i have spent the good part of 28 years since i left the Air Force learning everything i can. Skills, and knowledge that would help me help others. In all that sifting i found you. Many sites i let go… Only a very few in my estimitation are worth the the time. I dont get my news from lamestream, unless im trying to see the next spin. Dane Wiggington is a voice for a cause… I have spoken to him at length. I believe weust go beyond that now and research ways to mitigate the rffects and grow our foods on protected soil. To much to exlplain on a phone. But together with others we are working to bring a collective group together around an 80 acer permaculture project here in NH to explore ways of doing just that… How do we Do something… This is how we will spend our energies.

        Please consider me if you will.


        Tim Joyxe

  19. lamby50 said

    Am I a member since I subscribed or is there something else I must do?

    Mary Ann

    • feww said

      Hi Mary Ann,
      Blog subscription and membership in the programs are two different things.
      The blog has an ephemeral lifespan; the principal driving force behind our programs is as old as time.
      The membership is reserved for caring individuals who share our values. Membership is free, but it’s by invitation only.
      Existing members may recommend new candidates.

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