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Death Toll in E. Ukraine Exceeds 6,000

Posted by feww on March 2, 2015

About 2 Million Ukrainians Displaced

The estimated number of people killed in eastern Ukraine since April 2014 has now passed the 6,000 mark, in spite of successive ceasefires, the UN Human Rights Office announced Monday.

“More than six thousand lives have now been lost in less than a year due to the fighting in eastern Ukraine,” said UNHCR.

Between mid-April 2014 and 28 February 2015, some 5,809 people were killed and 14,740 others wounded in eastern Ukraine. Of these, 1,012 were killed and 3,793 wounded between 1 December 2014 and 15 February 2015. Given that full reports on casualties, especially near Donetsk airport and in the Debaltseve area, are still pending, the UN Human Rights Office estimates that the total number of people killed in eastern Ukraine by 2 March has almost certainly exceeded 6,000.

Internal Displacement

There are now more than one million registered internally displaced people in Ukraine, according to UNHCR and OCHA.

The State Emergency Service, responsible for accommodation of IDPs reported that the number of people displaced from the east had reached 731,422 people as of 15 February (711,209 from Donetsk and Luhansk regions and 20,213 from Crimea), This figure includes 133,178 children and 328,770 persons with disabilities.

External Displacement

According to data provided by the Russian Federation’s Federal Migration Service (FMS), as of 23 December, 245,510 Ukrainians have applied for international protection.

Of these, 236,765 people were granted Temporary Asylum (TA) status, while 237 people received full refugee status. A further 244,326 people have applied for other forms of legal stay. [UNHCR – December 31, 2014]

Total number of Ukrainians refugees and asylum seekers in neighboring countries—Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Romania Republic of Moldova, and the Russian Federation—now exceeds 800,000, according to various reports.

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