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Do NOT Readjust Your Timepiece!

Posted by feww on April 4, 2015


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Our models detect an anomaly in spacetime

FIRE-EARTH Models have detected an anomaly  in spacetime which has caused a series of expansions and contractions in “temporal dimension” starting at 23:57:43 UTC on April 3, 2015.

The anomaly (“ripples”) may have been caused by gravitational waves.

No. of expansions detected as of 14:57:00 on April 4 = One

Max. Expansion Sample = 1.799809653365

No. of contractions detected as of 14:57:00 = Three

Contraction Sample = 0.819228778225

According to the above, we all lived longer by about 4.3435027474 time units on April 4.

More details will be released via FIRE-EARTH Bulletins, as additional data become available.



5 Responses to “Do NOT Readjust Your Timepiece!”

  1. Gina T. said

    What would the “ripples” be like? How would it compare to our everyday experiences?
    Could anyone have noticed the ones on April 4?
    Thank you.

    • feww said

      Any activity that coincided with the “expansion” event would have felt as if it lasted longer, in this case, much, much longer. In fact, the temporal duration of the April 3-4 event was unique over the past 12,000 or so years.
      Conversely, activities overlapping the “contraction” events would occur faster than normally experienced by the observer.
      Young children have been known to experience “weightlessness,” when jumping from a small height onto the ground during an expansion event.

  2. Georg Riemann said

    “As During The Time Of Adam And Eve-”

    Won’t you dinosaur deniers ever give up?

  3. Ray said

    As During The Time Of Adam And Eve-

    • Oort Claudia said

      Galactic gravitational waves, if confirmed, are almost as old as the universe.
      The time scales are:
      Adam and Eve: 4,000BC? [Let’s be generous and up it to 40,000 years ago.]
      Age of the Universe: Assuming that the prevailing model is correct, 3.798 ± 0.037 billion years.

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