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Oddest in Odessa

Posted by feww on May 30, 2015

Former Georgian President  Saakashvili appointed as governor of Odessa region, Ukraine

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has been appointed as the governor of Odessa region [Poroshenko’s home province,] according to Ukraine News Agency.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko expressed hope that Saakashvili can successfully fight corruption in his new post.

“This is the person who is able to materialize ideas and who changed his country [Georgia] in the transparency, efficiency, anticorruption areas, attracting new investors, establishing fair court, protecting rights of citizens and democracy and whom I want to see in Ukraine—this is Mikheil Saakashvili,” he said, introducing Saakashvili as the new head of Odessa Regional Administration to the regional officials.

[When asked if he was aware of an outstanding arrest warrant against Saakashvili, Poroshenko did not reply.]

A Tblisi Court issued arrest warrants for former president Saakashvili and 4 of his aides, including former defense minister David Kezerashvili and former prosecutor general Zurab Adeishvili, in August 2014 on charges of abuse of power, using excessive force against protesters in Tbilisi in November 2007 and a raid on the independent TV station Imedi that had criticized the government.

He also faces corruption charges. The court froze both Saakashvili’s and his family’s assets in Georgia, including bank accounts and properties.

Saakashvili, now a fugitive, fled his native Georgia just before his presidency was about to end in November 2013.

“US Congressmen John McCain and Michael Turner requested Interpol not to issue an international arrest warrant against Saakashvili,” said a report.

However, international arrest warrants were issued for Adeishvili and Kezerashvili. Former Tbilisi Mayor, Gigi Ugulava, “was arrested and remanded in custody in early July on suspicion of money-laundering and using budget funds to finance the ENM parliamentary election campaign in 2012,” said  a report.

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