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Bombing of Colombian Pipeline Causes Massive Oil Spill

Posted by feww on June 11, 2015

 Colombia Oil Spill to Reach Pacific Coast: Ecopetrol

The bombing of a crude oil pipeline in southwestern Colombia  by the FARC guerrilla group earlier this week has caused a 20-kilometer (12.4-mile) oil spill that was expected to reach the Pacific coast,  said a report quoting the CEO of the state-controlled Ecopetrol.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) attacked the 306-km Transandino pipeline, which stretches to the Pacific port of Tumaco, causing about 1,000,000 liters  (~ 265,000 gallons) of oil to spill into the Caunapi River, a tributary of the Rosario River, and into Tumaco Bay in the southwestern  department of Nariño, said the report.

The rivers are a source of drinking water and are also used for fishing.

The affected area could take up to 20 years to recover, assuming “a minimum recovery,” said Colombia’s Environment Minister.

The guerrillas also waylaid a convoy of 19 tanker trucks on Monday, and dumped about 757,000 liters (200,000 gallons) of crude oil on the roads in Putumayo department in the southwest of the country, bordering Ecuador and Peru, the report added.

The attack was the 20th against the oil company’s infrastructure this year, affecting more than 84,000 people, said Ecopetrol.

Full report is available here.

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