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Colima Volcano Erupts, Hundreds Evacuated in W. Mexico

Posted by feww on July 12, 2015

Hundreds evacuated, airport closed as Colima volcano ejects large amounts of ash into the air

Colima volcano is behaving “atypically,” showing signs similar to a major eruption in 1913, said Mexico’s interior ministry.

The 1913 eruption, the largest on record since  1576, lasted for 5 days between January 20 and 24.

About 800 residents within a 12-km radius of the volcano have been evacuated. The authorities have also closed the airport in the state of Colima, due to the large amounts of volcanic ash “falling in the area,” said reports.

The volcano began erupting early Thursday and became increasingly active, spewing lava and large amounts of ash.

Colima, kla, Volcán de Fuego [“Volcano of Fire,”] is one of the most active volcanoes in Mexico. It is also potentially the most hazardous volcano in the country, with more than 300,000 people living within a 40-km radius of the mountain.

Recent volcanic eruptions leading to mass evacuations

8 Responses to “Colima Volcano Erupts, Hundreds Evacuated in W. Mexico”

  1. Colin said

    Exactly what per-existed your impressive and, clearly, trendsetting research?

  2. Ted L. said

    I met the man a while ago and he immediately struck me as pretentious and lacking in moral scruples, especially for a philosophy professor. I’m glad I wrote you because you confirmed my suspicions.

    • feww said

      The big question is whether he is doing this with the knowledge and blessing of the university’s governing body.
      He gives a new meaning to the university motto: “The Lord is my Light”

      BTW, we know of several others who have copied our concept and who happen to be highly connected individuals.

  3. Ted L. said

    Are you familiar with Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) and their take on existential threats?

    • feww said

      Hadn’t heard of them until you asked. After a quick look at their Global Catastrophic Risks on Wikipedia, which was allegedly published in 2008, I was disappointed to find yet another copycat of our ideas. Their concept is extremely similar to
      which we, together with our colleagues at EDRO, published in 2007.

  4. Ted L. said

    How many volcanoes will it take? Can that number explode together on a bad day?

    • feww said

      It could take as few as just one volcano!

      Our models show that at least [a number between 09 and 99, not disclosed due to blog policy] on the planet are capable of catastrophic eruptions [VEI not disclosed due to blog policy.]

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