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Collapse of Fogo Volcano Generated a Megatsunami 73,000 Years ago?

Posted by feww on October 5, 2015

Fact or Science Fiction? Why would they care anymore?

Researches working in the Cape Verde Islands  say they have found evidence that the sudden collapse of Fogo volcano, one of the world’s largest and most active island volcanoes, some 73,000 years ago, generated a giant 240-meter megatsunami wave that engulfed the Santiago Island located about 55km away.

“A 2011 French study also looked at the Fogo collapse, suggesting that it took place somewhere between 124,000-65,000 years ago; but that study says it involved more than one landslide. The French researchers estimate that the resulting multiple waves would have reached only 45 feet [15 meters],” said the report.

The report also cites the following incident, which allegedly generated a 525-meter-high wave:

“On July 9, 1958, an earthquake shook 90 million tons of rock into Alaska’s isolated Lituya Bay; this created an astounding 1,724-foot-high wave, the largest ever recorded. Two fishermen who happened to be in their boat that day were carried clear over a nearby forest; miraculously, they survived.”

It has been alleged that the wave generated by Fogo’s collapse swept up boulders like this one, weighing up to 770 tons, from the shoreline into Santiago island’s highlands. Here, a researcher is seen chiseling out a sample to establish the date of the tsunami. (Ricardo Ramalho)

A tsunami expert at the United Kingdom’s National Oceanography Center said: “even modest landslides could produce high-amplitude anomalous tsunami waves on opposing island coastlines.” The question, however, “is whether these translate into hazardous events in the far field, which is debatable.”

[The biggest known recent tsunamis that devastated the Indian Ocean’s coasts in 2004 and eastern Japan in 2011, reached a maximum run-up height of 30 meters in several locations due to the favorable topology of the coastal areas.]

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Any spare Noble prizes left in the box, Mrs. Kaci Kullmann Five?

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  1. Tom B. said

    Why is it impossible?

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