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19 Women Executed in Mosul, Iraq for Resisting ISIL ‘Sexual Jihad’

Posted by feww on October 7, 2015

Iraq Government Failing to Protect Citizens Against ISIL Terrorism

The Islamic State has executed 19 women in the Iraqi city of Mosul for their refusal to participate in the practice of sexual jihad, a spokesperson for the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has told Iraqi News.

In 2014, ISIL [Islamic State, IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL, and locally known as daesh] officially admitted to running a slave market for Yazidi women and children in their English language magazine Dabiq, said reports.

About 500 people have been violently killed in Iraq in the last week alone, most of them in summary executions carried out by ISIL terrorists.

More than 12,500 people have been killed and up to twice as many wounded in Iraq so far this year, according to reports.

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