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Notice of Resolution: Withdrawal of SEM Support 10-24-2015

Posted by feww on October 24, 2015

  • CJ Members

Notice of withdrawal of SEM Support for multiple regions

FIRE-EARTH Science Team has resolved to withdraw SEM Support, as of today, for the following areas in  North Africa, Middle East, East Asia and the Americas:

  • 3015
  • 4450
  • 8842
  • 1868
  • 8360
  • 6888
  • 3757
  • 4370
  • 3170
  • 6109
  • 5110
  • 2524
  • 3399
  • 3884

2 Responses to “Notice of Resolution: Withdrawal of SEM Support 10-24-2015”

  1. MW said

    Cyclone Chapala slammed into Yemen, triggering heavy flooding and causing “enormous” damage in Mukalla, a region of the war-racked country dominated by Al-Qaeda, a senior official said on Tuesday.

    It made landfall in the southeastern provinces of Hadramawt and Shabwa (combined population of about 1.8 million people including about 130,000 internally displaced, refugees and migrants).

    Mukalla (population of 350,000), the provincial capital of Hadramawt, has been mostly controlled by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula since April.

    “The damage is enormous and we fear human losses,” Minister of Fisheries told AFP.

    “The storm earlier wreaked havoc on the island of Socotra located 350 kilometers off the Yemeni mainland,” according to a report.

    “More than 200 people were injured and dozens of houses and hamlets were severely damaged or washed away, said Salem Zaher, mayor of the island’s main district Hadibo.”

  2. CD said

    “Ice flash flood first time in Saudi Arabia”

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