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Explosion Rocks Doel Nuclear Power Plant in Belgium

Posted by feww on November 1, 2015

Fire reported at Doel nuclear power plant

An explosion occurred Saturday night at Reactor 1 of Doel nuclear power plant (NPP) located in northern Belgium, local media reported.

The 40-year-old unit, the oldest in the country, is one of 4 reactors at the plant and has a name-plate capacity of 454Mw.

Belgium’s other NPP, Tihange, houses 3 reactor units that began operating commercially between 1975 and 1985.

Following an incident at Doel in August 2012, cracks were discovered at the reactor pressure vessel of the No 3 reactor,  sparking international inspections of similar vessels manufactured by the now-bankrupt Dutch firm Rotterdam Drydock Company, said a report.

The discovery of the cracks at Doel’s Unit 3 by the use of a new ultrasound measuring technique, sent a nervous ripple through the international nuclear industry.

“Rotterdam Drydock Company had sold 21 reactor vessels to nuclear power plants in the US, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK,” Associated Press belatedly reported.

At least 9 million people live within a 75 km radius of Doel, and 5.76 million others live within a similar distance from Tihange NPP.

There was no reliable details available concerning the latest incident at Doel, as of posting.


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