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Iraqi PM Demands Withdrawal of Turkish Battalion Near Mosul

Posted by feww on December 5, 2015

sent by a reader

Turkey protecting terrorists partners in Mosul?

Iraqi Prime Minister has condemned a Turkish military incursion into its northern territory, demanding their immediate withdrawal.

The incursion of “around one armed battalion [up to 300 troops] with [dozens] of tanks and cannons” into the Nineveh Province was a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, said Mr Abadi in a statement released on December 5.

Turkish officials claim the troops were deployed on Friday (December 4) as part of a “routine exercise” to train Iraqi troops near the city of Mosul, which was captured by Daesh terrorists 16 months ago.

Iraq’s Foreign Ministry has described the troops movement into the northern Iraqi province as an “incursion,” rejecting the Turkish claim and asserting that the military operation was not coordinated with the federal government in Baghdad, said reports.

“The Turkish sources maintained that Turkey already had troops in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region, and the United States and other countries involved in fighting IS there were aware it was moving some troops to the Mosul area,” said a report.

“U.S. officials in Washington said they were aware of Turkey’s move, but it was not coordinated with the anti-IS coalition operating in northern Iraq.”

Turkey stands accused of buying stolen oil from Daesh terrorists [aka, Islamic State, ISIL.] The large scale illegal oil trade is helping the terrorist to rake in about 3 million dollars per day.

Daesh kidnapped 49 staff from the Turkish consulate in Mosul after seizing control of the city in June 2014; however, they released everyone unharmed three months later, AFP reported.

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