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Japanese Terrorists Vandalize Our Colleague’s Car – Third Time

Posted by feww on January 6, 2016

Fire-Earth contributor’s car vandalized by terrorists in Wakayama, Japan – 3rd time since August

Supporters of the warmongering PM of Japan continue to terrorize our colleague in Wakayama. 

  • Cost of replacing the damaged car tires: about $230.

Massacring defenseless dolphins and terrorizing anyone who objects to their inhumanity!

Before Abe became prime minister of Japan, our colleague was targeted by local thugs because of his views against the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Wakayama.

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9 Responses to “Japanese Terrorists Vandalize Our Colleague’s Car – Third Time”

  1. MNL said

    Japan authorities have estimated the cost of damage to buildings in Kumamoto and Oita prefectures, including about 10,000 residential and commercial buildings, at 1.6 trillion yen to 3.1 trillion yen, the Yomiuru Shimbun daily reported.

    Meanwhile, the overall damage is said to be 2.4 trillion yen to 4.6 trillion yen ($22 billion to $42 billion), according to government data published today.

    I make that a factor of 10 – 20 million times higher than the cost of replacing your member’s vandalized car tires.

    You said: “Rest assured, for every yen worth of damage inflicted, they will have incurred a trillion yen in costs.”

  2. B.M. said

    Japanese Citizens Ask for Political Asylum at Russian Embassy in Tokyo
    Three Japanese citizens tried to enter the territory of the Russian Embassy in Tokyo asking for “political asylum”.

    TOKYO (Sputnik) – Three Japanese citizens tried to enter the territory of the Russian Embassy in Tokyo asking for “political asylum,” an embassy spokesperson told RIA Novosti on Friday.

    According to the spokesperson, a father and his two daughters “expressed the intention to contact the embassy to ask for political asylum,” referring to being persecuted in Japan “because of their anti-American beliefs.”

    The three were not allowed past the embassy gates and the Russian side contacted Japanese law enforcement as well as the Japanese Foreign Ministry to resolve the issue.

    The father and his daughters passed documents relevant to their political asylum request to embassy staff present at the scene. The Russian embassy said it would review the request.

    Read more:

    • Al said

      Japanese establishment, their emperors, prime ministers, and henchmen are among the sickest creatures on earth.
      Which other nation would send millions of people to their certain deaths, and prevents them and their families from uttering a single word of dissent? Slaughter tens of thousands of their own people to steal their food for the soldiers, as Japan did in Okinawa?

      Al (Texas, USA)

  3. Anonymous said

    Whaling permits: Japan’s whaling is unscientific

    Calling it ‘a waste of time,’ researchers call for end to scientific whaling reviews

    Thirty-two scientists are calling for an end to the International Whaling Commission’s (IWC’s) current program for reviewing “scientific whaling” proposals.

    In a letter to the editor in today’s Nature, the researchers, who are members of IWC’s Scientific Committee, argue that IWC’s current review process “is a waste of time” and sorely in need of revision.

    A prominent case in point, the authors say, is IWC’s experience with Japan’s controversial research whaling programs: Although IWC rules have required a lengthy scientific review of that effort, which began in 1987, the process has also allowed Japanese researchers to essentially ignore the critique.

    “Japan … has failed to alter its plans in any meaningful way and is proceeding to kill whales under a self-determined quota,” the authors write.

  4. Kate - Miami said

    Varmints v. Cetaceans
    Parasites of humans detain dolphin activist, Ric O’Barry, at Tokyo airport

    The star of an Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, about a dolphin-killing fishing village in Japan, was detained on Tuesday by immigration authorities at Tokyo’s Narita international airport.

    Ric O’Barry, the former dolphin trainer for the Flipper TV series, said immigration officials told him he wasn’t a tourist, the visa he was using to enter Japan, according to his lawyer, Takashi Takano.

  5. Kukai said

    A near real-time repaying of karmic debts!

    Japan ski tour bus in Nagano crash kills 14, injures 27 (Jan. 15, 2016)
    An overnight bus on its way to a ski resort in central Japan careened off a mountain road early Friday, killing 14 passengers and injuring 27 others.

    Tire marks from only one side of the bus were visible at the accident site.

  6. Clayton D. said

    JAPS are cognitively impaired. Like ISIS, the psychopaths, have no respect for other peoples’ lives or property.

  7. ER said

    The retards are exposing hundreds of thousands of Japanese who work abroad to retaliatory reaction.

  8. Phil E said

    Thank you for exposing the terrorists. Clearly, they haven’t changed one iota.

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