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Tonga Declares Zika Outbreak

Posted by feww on February 5, 2016

Five cases of the ZIKV infection confirmed, hundreds of suspected cases being investigated

The South Pacific island-nation of Tonga has declared an outbreak of the Zika virus after five cases of the infection were confirmed.

The outbreak comes shortly after Brazilian government’s health authorities announced that active Zika virus had been detected in the saliva and urine of an unspecified number of patients.

Meanwhile, Spain confirmed Thursday that a pregnant woman was diagnosed with the Zika virus infection, the first reported case in Europe.

“The woman is among seven people who showed symptoms of Zika after visiting affected countries, the ministry said, adding that she was under medical treatment in the northeastern region of Catalonia,” said a report.

Earlier this week, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported a new case of infection involving the spread of virus through sex in Texas.

Zika in the U.S. (as of posting)

  • A total of 35 travel-associated Zika virus disease cases have been reported to CDC from 11 U.S. states, and DC, including 9 cases in Florida and 8 in Texas.
  • No locally acquired vector-borne cases have been reported from the continental United States.
  • Nine locally acquired cases and 1 travel-associated case have been reported to CDC from U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

mosquito distribution-s
Global map of the predicted distribution of Ae. aegypti. The map depicts the probability of occurrence (from 0 blue to 1 red) at a spatial resolution of 5 km × 5 km. DOI: 10.7554/eLife.08347.004

Zika Travel Notices -CDC


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