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3 Days of Mourning Declared in Belgium after Terrorist Carnage

Posted by feww on March 22, 2016

Belgian authorities fail citizens against deadly terrorist attacks

Belgian officials have declared three days of mourning, having pathetically failed to prevent deadly terrorist attacks on Brussels Airport and a metro station.

The attacks in the Belgian capital left at least 34 people dead and more than 230 others injured, according to reports.

Twin blasts at Brussels National Airport, Zaventem, which killed at least 15 people and wounded more than a hundred, were followed by another powerful bomb explosion at the Maelbeek metro station, near the European Commission offices.

“Our fears have come true,” said the criminally incompetent Belgian prime minister, as he raised the threat level to the highest notch across the country.

“The victims have not been identified yet. It will take considerable time,” Brussels mayor told reporters.

2 Responses to “3 Days of Mourning Declared in Belgium after Terrorist Carnage”

  1. F.L. said

    Former Israeli Intel Operatives Run Security at Brussels Airport

    The aviation and general security services firm ICTS handles security operations at Brussels airport, the scene of a bomb attack yesterday morning.

    ICTS was established in 1982 by former members of Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency and El Al airline security agents, and has a major presence around the world in airport security including operations in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Japan and Russia. ICTS uses the security system employed in Israel, whereby passengers are profiled to assess the degree to which they pose a potential threat on the basis of a number of indicators, including age, name, origin and behavior during questioning.

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board at ICTS is Menachem J. Atzmon. Atzmon is a former Likud party member who was indicted and convicted in 1996 in a fraud and embezzlement case relating to the misappropriation of funds raised by charities. Atzmon is also the CEO of the port authority of Rostock in Germany.

    ICTS also somehow missed several of the alleged 9/11 hijackers who allegedly flew out of Boston’s Logan airport on September 11th 2001. ICTS also handled security for London’s bus network during the July 7, 2005, ‘suicide’ bomb attacks. In fact, two of its subsidiaries, ICTS UK and ICTS Europe Systems, are based at Tavistock House, Tavistock Square in London, scene of the London Stagecoach bus bombing that day.

    As the provider of security services to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and United Airlines and US Airways, the firm’s security system was criticized for somehow allowing erstwhile ‘underwear bomber’, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, to “slip through” and board Northwest Airlines Flight 253 to Detroit with explosive materials on Christmas day 2009.

    Why is the American press silent on the Israeli role in NW Flight 253?
    ICTS handled security at the Charles de Gaulle Airport outside Paris when “shoe bomber” Richard Reid boarded a US-bound plane on December 22, 2001. The company also handled security for London’s bus system during the July 7, 2005, suicide bomb attacks. And ICTS shared security duties on September 11, 2001, at Boston’s Logan Airport, where two of the four suicide hijackings originated.

    But ICTS’ security faux pas’ don’t end there. In December 2001, they somehow managed to let deranged shoe bomber Richard Reid, onto his Miami-bound flight in Paris, and this was after ICTS had cleared Reid through security at Amsterdam airport on a flight to Tel Aviv in July 2001 for what was apparently an all-expenses paid week-long trip to the Israeli city. What precisely he did there remains a mystery.

    In its 28 years of operation, ICTS has expanded to 22 countries, servicing airports in France, Britain, Spain, Hungary, Romania and Russia, and employing more than 11,000 security agents. It held contracts at several US airports until after 9/11, when passenger screening was taken out of private hands and assigned to the newly created federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

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    • DB said

      This is consistent with the fact that ISIS is being used as a smoke screen by a massive global criminal network that incorporate ICTS among others.

      What is the limit to the amount of protection money a European government would pay out to avoid being the next target of terrorism?

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