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Child Slavery: Rich Brits Buying Kids Who Survived Nepal Quake

Posted by feww on April 4, 2016

Child slaves sold for $7,500 on streets: Report

Child survivors of the Nepal earthquake are being sold to wealthy British families as household slaves, according to a report.

A UK tabloid investigator, “posed as a wealthy Sikh living in Britain with a sick wife and elderly mother looking for a housemaid or houseboy,” was offered boys and girls as young as ten for as little as $7,500 (£5,250) by a gang selling children of Nepalese refugees and poor Indian families from the state of Bihar “like cattle.”

“Take a Nepalese to England. They are good people. They are good at doing housework and they’re very good cooks. No one is going to come after you,” slave trader Makkhan Singhtold the the undercover reporter. “We have supplied lads who have gone on to the UK.”

When asked how difficult it was to buy children, Singh, who referred to the kids as stock, replied: “India is flooded with boys. Nepal has been destroyed and all the Nepalese are here.

“We go to the poor parents, we talk to them, we do a deal,” he added.

“Minimum three years you’ve got to keep them here. Train them, make them work for you here. Get them into a routine. Then you can start getting documents for them. If you want my advice, take a 12 or 13-year-old.”

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