Fire Earth

Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

FIRE-EARTH Evacuation Alert: Area 1702

Posted by feww on April 21, 2016

CJ Members

Area 1702 deemed unstable —FIRE-EARTH Science Team

CJ Members and affiliates residing in Area 1702 are hereby placed under “Evacuation Alert.”

They should be ready to evacuate area 1702 at a short notice.

FEWW Science Team will host a special session with additional information on this Evacuation Alert, today (April 21, 2016) at  19:05UTC.

Previous Alerts


“Area 1702” does NOT represent Southend-on-Sea in England (UK).

The similarity between the two codes is coincidental.

4 Responses to “FIRE-EARTH Evacuation Alert: Area 1702”

  1. Circles not Sticks said

    I want to become a member. How do I do this?

  2. RT said

    I’ve been checking this website daily for at least three years, it’s an excellent news resource, and for this I commend the authors.

    About once a year I make an inquire regarding membership, and each time I’m given somewhat cryptic answers that imply membership is by invitation and is based on some sort of merit, which is not elaborated.

    When I read a headline like the one just posted: “Evacuation Alert: Area 1702” with details about a “special information session for members and affiliates” it makes my blood boil. Literally, you could cook a frozen burrito on my head right now. I don’t understand the exclusionary policy that exists with vital information presented here. Why is information that might directly impact people’s lives only given to the privileged or chosen?

    It’s difficult enough to find credible news and information in the onslaught of bullshit that permeates all media, and when I see these posts for special people here on this site, it is truly disheartening. My solace is the story I like to tell myself that this site is actually only for brilliant scientists and intellectuals with giant scientific minds, and when I visit the page I’m getting a glimpse into their world; which clearly has no room for soft burrito-headed artists.

    I’m sure you people have your policies, and reasons for elite membership; but wonder if you run the risk of becoming exactly what you despise.

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