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Fire-Earth Science Conference: VLS Simulations (Day 4)

Posted by feww on June 30, 2016

CJ Members

FIRE-EARTH Science Conference: VLS Simulations (Day 4)

The VLS Simulations Conference conducted by FIRE-EARTH Science Team will commence shortly via BEACONS.

  • Thursday, June 30, at 18:55UTC – Ripples and Reflections


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Fire-Earth Science Conference: TT Res Simulations (Day 3)

Posted by feww on June 29, 2016

CJ Members

FIRE-EARTH Science Conference: TT Res Simulations

  • The TT Res Simulations Conference conducted by FIRE-EARTH Science Team will commence shortly via BEACONS.
  • Day 3: Wednesday, June 29, at 18:03UTC: Most Imminent Global Threats

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Fire-Earth Science Conference: UD-NR Simulations (Day 2)

Posted by feww on June 28, 2016


CJ Members

FIRE-EARTH Science Conference: UD-NR Simulations

  • The UD-NR Simulations Conference conducted by FIRE-EARTH Science Team will commence shortly via BEACONS.
  • Day 2: Tuesday, June 28, at 17:02UTC.

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Fire-Earth Science Conference: UD-NR Simulations

Posted by feww on June 27, 2016

CJ Members

FIRE-EARTH Science Conference: UD-NR Simulations

  • The UD-NR Simulations Conference conducted by FIRE-EARTH Science Team will commence shortly via BEACONS.
  • Day 1: Monday, 27 June 2016, at 18:32UTC.

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Major Disaster Declared for West Virginia

Posted by feww on June 26, 2016

WV Declared Federal Disaster Area

West Virginia Severe Storms, Flooding, Landslides, and Mudslides (DR-4273)

The White House has declared a major disaster exists in the State of West Virginia in the areas affected by severe storms, flooding, landslides, and mudslides beginning on June 22, 2016, and continuing.

The worst affected areas so far are Greenbrier, Kanawha, and Nicholas counties.

Federal Coordinating Officer for federal recovery operations in the affected areas said damage surveys were continuing in other areas, and more counties and additional forms of assistance may be designated after the assessments are fully completed.

Earlier, states of emergency were declared in 44 of the state’s 55 counties.

About a 1,000 properties have been damaged or destroyed, according to the local residents.

Major Disaster Declarations (2016)

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Strong Earthquake Strikes N of Karakul Impact Crater

Posted by feww on June 26, 2016


M6.4 quake strikes Kyrgyzstan, 40km North of Karakul impact crater, Pamir Mountains

Centered at 39.487°N, 73.325°E the event occurred at a depth of 15.5km, USGS/EHP reported.

The event was preceded by a significant aftershock, measuring 5.0Mw and centered at 36.540°N, 70.084°E [20km E of Farkhar, Afghanistan,] and at a depth of 215.1km.

NOTE: Karakul [Qarokul, or Siob, Tajik for “black lake,”] is a lake located within a 52-km-diameter impact crater in the Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan.

Diagnostics available from BEACONS [CJ Members.]

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Pope Francis Visits Armenian Genocide Memorial

Posted by feww on June 25, 2016

Submitted by a reader

The Armenian Genocide: The first genocide of the 20th century

Pope Francis paid tribute on Saturday to the 1.5 million Armenians massacred in 1915 genocide.

“Here I pray, with pain in my heart, so that never again will there be tragedies like this, so that humanity does not forget and knows how to overcome evil with good,” he wrote in the guest book at the Genocide Memorial and Museum in Yerevan on Saturday.

“May God protect the memory of the Armenian people! Memory cannot be stifled or forgotten! Memory is a source of peace and future!”

On Friday, he described the slaughter of ethnic Armenians by Ottoman Turks as an act of “genocide.”

“During a Mass marking the 100th anniversary of the deaths in April 2015, he said the events were “the first genocide of the 20th century,” echoing a phrase first used by Pope John Paul II in a 2001 joint declaration ahead of his own trip to Armenia,” said a report.


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Selected Seismicity – June 25, 2019

Posted by feww on June 25, 2016

4.6 Reykjanes Ridge 2016-06-25 11:34:29 UTC 8.5 km
4.7 Reykjanes Ridge 2016-06-25 03:02:31 UTC 10.0 km
4.5 Reykjanes Ridge 2016-06-25 02:30:21 UTC 10.0 km
4.6 Reykjanes Ridge 2016-06-25 02:02:27 UTC 10.0 km
4.9 Reykjanes Ridge 2016-06-25 01:58:44 UTC 10.0 km
4.8 Reykjanes Ridge 2016-06-25 01:57:57 UTC 10.0 km
4.7 152km SE of Furnas, Portugal 2016-06-24 23:16:35 UTC 10.0 km
4.9 Reykjanes Ridge 2016-06-24 22:43:11 UTC 10.0 km
4.8 Reykjanes Ridge 2016-06-23 15:23:54 UTC 10.0 km
4.6 Reykjanes Ridge 2016-06-23 14:53:11 UTC 10.0 km
4.5 Reykjanes Ridge 2016-06-23 01:52:24 UTC 10.0 km
4.8 Reykjanes Ridge 2016-06-23 01:48:51 UTC 10.0 km

M 6.1 – Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge; 22.661°N, 45.133°W; 2016-06-21 16:26:34 UTC; 10.0 km

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State of Emergency Declared in Kern County, Calif.

Posted by feww on June 25, 2016

Erskine Fire explodes to more than 30,000 acres prompts State of Emergency Declaration

The so-called Erskine Fire, burning in the Lake Isabella area of Kern County, has devoured more than 30,000 acres, killing at least two people, destroying or damaging scores of building and threatening more than 1,500 additional structures, fire officials said.

  • The deadly fire prompted Gov. Brown to declare a state of emergency.
  • Up to 6,000 people have been evacuated.
  • The fire started around 4pm on Thursday and quickly spread 18km in 13 hours, devouring 30,000 acres of parched grass, officials said.
  • Some 800 fire personnel are currently at the scene, Inciweb said.

Meanwhile, the federal government issued a Fire Disaster Management Assistance for California Erskine Fire (FM-5131).

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Deadly Storms, Historic Flooding Devastate West Virginia

Posted by feww on June 25, 2016

State of Emergency declared for 44 counties in WV as deadly storms, historic flooding kill dozens 

Some areas are “devastated,” especially the counties of Greenbrier, Nicholas, Fayette, Kanawha and Webster, said Gov. Tomblin’s communications director.

Some areas are “probably looking at flooding that’s going to be the worst in 100 years,” he added.

Many counties have significant localized damage. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed or severely damaged.

“The flooding we experienced Thursday and into today is among the worst in a century for some parts of the state,” Gov. Tomblin said. “Our team in the Emergency Operations Center worked through the night and continues to coordinate efforts with local officials today.

“On Thursday evening I declared a State of Emergency for 44 counties, including all but the Northern and Eastern Panhandles. I have authorized the deployment of up to 150 members of the West Virginia National Guard to assist local emergency responders as we continue to evaluate the situation today.

“We understand many counties continue to experience significant problems and some waters continue to rise. Joanne and I are thinking continually about those affected by this disaster, and our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones. I appreciate the tireless efforts of first responders across the state, many of whom have volunteered to travel long distances to help those in the most affected areas.”

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Beijing Sinking

Posted by feww on June 24, 2016

Eastern portion of Beijing sinking at a rate greater than 100 mm/year: Study

Now you see it, now you don’t!  China’s capital Beijing could disappear in a  gigantic sinkhole.

Beijing’s massive subsidence, which has been occurring since at least 1935, is caused by the overexploitation or mining of groundwater. About 60% of the water supply comes from groundwater, and the rest from surface water.

Beijing used about 3.6 billion cubic meters (m³) of water in 2010, compared to renewable fresh water resources of about 3 billion m³. [The consumption may have risen by about 14% over the past five years.]

Article: Imaging Land Subsidence Induced by Groundwater Extraction in Beijing (China) Using Satellite Radar Interferometry


Beijing is one of the most water-stressed cities in the world. Due to over-exploitation of groundwater, the Beijing region has been suffering from land subsidence since 1935. In this study, the Small Baseline InSAR technique has been employed to process Envisat ASAR images acquired between 2003 and 2010 and TerraSAR-X stripmap images collected from 2010 to 2011 to investigate land subsidence in the Beijing region. The maximum subsidence is seen in the eastern part of Beijing with a rate greater than 100 mm/year. Comparisons between InSAR and GPS derived subsidence rates show an RMS difference of 2.94 mm/year with a mean of 2.41 ± 1.84 mm/year. In addition, a high correlation was observed between InSAR subsidence rate maps derived from two different datasets (i.e., Envisat and TerraSAR-X). These demonstrate once again that InSAR is a powerful tool for monitoring land subsidence. InSAR derived subsidence rate maps have allowed for a comprehensive spatio-temporal analysis to identify the main triggering factors of land subsidence. Some interesting relationships in terms of land subsidence were found with groundwater level, active faults, accumulated soft soil thickness and different aquifer types. Furthermore, a relationship with the distances to pumping wells was also recognized in this work.

Chen M, Tomás R, Li Z, Motagh M, Li T, Hu L, Gong H, Li X, Yu J, Gong X. Imaging Land Subsidence Induced by Groundwater Extraction in Beijing (China) Using Satellite Radar Interferometry. Remote Sensing. 2016; 8(6):468.

The World Cities Are Running Out of Fresh Water [AND Sinking]

Groundwater from aquifers is a main source for drinking, irrigation and industrial use for much of the world’s population. Globally, an estimated 4 billion people depend on groundwater for drinking, but the water is running out!

Groundwater cannot be replenished from rainfall, and in most cases it takes tens of thousands of years to restore naturally.

According to the International Water Management Institute, about 1,000 cubic kilometers of groundwater are withdrawn each year, which is wholly unsustainable!

More Water Facts

  • Total water on Earth: 1.4 x 10^18 m³
  • Water in the oceans: About 97.5% of the total
  • Volume of Fresh water: Approximately 35 x 10^15 m³ of the earth’s total water. About 0.3% of the freshwater is held in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs and the remainder is stored in glaciers, permanent snow, and groundwater aquifers.
  • Water contained in the earth’s atmosphere: about 13 x 10^12 m³
  • Water removed from the earth’s surface via evaporation: about 577 x 10^12 m³ each year (only 14% of the water evaporation is from land).
  • Total annual precipitation falling on land: about 115 x 10^12 m³ (20% of total evaporation – the 6% surplus water returns to the oceans via rivers.)
  • Total freshwater on Earth stored as groundwater: Approximately 11 x 10^15 m³ (30% of all freshwater).
  • Water collected in lakes and rivers: about 110 x 10^12 m³ is held as groundwater (one hundredth of the total groundwater reserves)
  • Aquifers contribution to human water consumption: an estimated 30% [?] of all of the water used throughout the world.
  • Natural recharge rate for the aquifers: from 0.01% to 3% per year.
  • Estimated overdraft of global groundwater: about 200 x 10^9 m³ or (twice the average recharge rate!)

Sinking Cities

World cities and agricultural lands that are situated above aquifers and groundwater reserves are slowly but permanently sinking into the ground, as the water is pumped out at phenomenal rates.

In China, at least 46 cities are sinking into the ground due to the excessive pumping of groundwater. In Shanghai excessive groundwater pumping contributes to 70 percent of surface subsidence (the remaining 30 percent is thought to be due to the weight of buildings).

Buildings damaged in a cave-in at Shanghai’s No 4 subway construction site.
[Photo: China Daily] See Fair Use Notice!

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Selected Seismicity – June 24, 2019

Posted by feww on June 24, 2016

M5.9 strike 102km SSE of Yonakuni, Japan Region

Location: 23.614°N 123.386°E
Depth: 10.0 km
Time: 2016-06-23 21:05:29 UTC

M2.9 – 1km NW of Lakeland South, Washington
Location: 47.286°N 122.292°W
Depth: 22.0 km
Time: 2016-06-24 08:38:34 UTC

M4.9 – 89km S of Semisopochnoi Island, Alaska
Location: 51.158°N 179.423°E
Depth: 35.0 km
Time: 2016-06-24 09:23:02 UTC

M4.4 – 13km N of Aratoca, Colombia
Location: 6.813°N 73.028°W
Depth: 147.0 km
Time: 2016-06-23 22:28:55 UTC

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“Most Devastating” Wildfire Destroys Scores of Homes in SoCal

Posted by feww on June 24, 2016

Ferocious wildfire in Squirrel Valley, Kern County destroys 100 homes, structures threatens 1,500 more

One of the most devastating wildfires I’ve ever seen —Kern County Fire Capt.

The explosive Erskine Fire has consumed about 5,400 acres since Thursday afternoon in Lake Isabella, Kern County, about 65km northeast of Bakersfield, destroying at least 80 homes, two dozen structures, and threatening 1,500 more.

The fire is “extremely dangerous, extremely volatile,” said Kern County Fire Capt. Tyler Townsend.

“I’ve never been in a wildland fire where I’ve seen so many homes burn. It’s one of the most devastating I’ve ever seen,” said Townsend.

Mass evacuations have been ordered in the areas threatened by the blaze including the rural communities of South Fork, Weldon, Onyx, Lakeland Estates, Yankee Canyon and Mountain Mesa, according to official reports.


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Seeking Protection from Evolutionary Changes

Posted by feww on June 24, 2016

Britain [England and Wales] Votes to Become an ‘Island’

Brexit: David Cameron to resign after England and Wales voted to leave EU.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron will step down by October after 52 – 48 referendum to leave the European Union.

“The referendum turnout was 71.8% – with more than 30 million people voting – the highest turnout at a UK-wide vote since 1992,” said a report.

Spooked by the prospect of having to accept refugees from Syria, 52 percent of the voters in England and Wales opted to shy away from the vital challenges posed by the evolutionary process.

Meanwhile, Scotland voted in favor of the UK staying in the EU by a majority of 62% to 38%, prompting its first minister to state that a fresh independence referendum was “highly likely.”

“Nicola Sturgeon said it was “democratically unacceptable” that Scotland faced the prospect of being taken out of the EU against its will.”

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FIRE-EARTH Bulletin: Global Seismic Hot Spots [24 -30 June 2016]

Posted by feww on June 23, 2016

CJ Members

FIRE-EARTH Bulletin: Global Seismic Hot Spots [24 -30 June 2016]

  • Details of the Seismic Bulletin are available from BEACONS.
  • CJ Members may advise Affiliates at their discretion.

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States of Emergency Declared in Arizona, Utah

Posted by feww on June 23, 2016

Cedar Fire has burned more than 42,000 acres in Arizona

Arizona Gov. Ducey has declared a state of emergency in Navajo County as the massive Cedar Fire continued burning near Pinetop-Lakeside, a small town in Navajo County [Pop: 4,300.]

The Cedar Fire has burned more than 42,000 acres, with about 22 percent containment.

Saddle Fire – Utah

Washington County declared a state of emergency Wednesday as the 850-acre Saddle Fire continued to burn with zero containment for the 10th day.

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51 Killed as Tornado Flattens Homes in East China

Posted by feww on June 23, 2016


  • Death toll climbs to 78, with 500 others injured. 
  • Meteorological authorities have issued a yellow warning for heavy rain in east, central and southwest China.
  • The provincial meteorological authority in Fujian issued an orange alert for heat on Thursday, as temperatures reached 39ºC.

Extreme Weather Events Batter Multiple Provinces in China

At least 51 people were killed and dozens more injured as extreme weather events walloped east China’s Jiangsu Province Thursday, said a report.

“Downpours, hailstorms and a tornado battered parts of Yancheng City at 2:30 p.m., destroying many houses, the city government said in a press release.”

Extreme weather events hit including hurricane force winds of about 125 km/hr battered several townships in Funing and Sheyang counties in the suburbs of Yancheng, the report said.

Many houses have collapsed, killing at least 51people with dozens of injuries reported as of 8:30pm, the report said.

Elsewhere in China…

“Heavy rain has left 42 people dead and 25 missing in 10 provincial-level regions as of Wednesday morning, according to statistics from the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA)

“More than 460,000 people were relocated and 321,000 are in urgent need of emergency relief after continuous rainfall in the 10 regions in southern part of China including Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei and Sichuan, since June 18, the ministry said.

“About 6,800 houses collapsed and many crops were destroyed, leading to an economic loss of 9.67 billion yuan (1.46 bln U.S. dollars), it said.”

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China Flooding: 7.68 Million People Affected

Posted by feww on June 22, 2016

Extreme Rain Events in China Causing Major Crisis

At least 7.68 million people across 10 Chinese provinces have been affected by extreme rain  events and sever flooding, said the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Weather related disasters have left dozens of people dead or missing, destroying thousands of homes and hundreds of thousands of hectares of crops.

East China

“In east China’s Jiangxi Province, six people died, according to the provincial civil affairs department. Among them, two drowned in swollen rivers, while four were killed by lightening.

“Three people remain missing, 105,700 hectares of crops were ruined, 969 houses destroyed and direct economic losses have been estimated in the region of 2.16 billion yuan (about 328.5 million U.S. dollars).

“About 199,000 people have been displaced, including about 13,000 from Guxiandu, Poyang County where a river breached its banks on Monday evening. More than 400 armed police plan to mend a 100-meter gap in the river defenses on Wednesday. “We’re waiting because the water level remains high,” said a police spokesman.

Southeast China

“Thousands of homes were flooded in Poyang county, Jiangxi province, late on Monday after Bintian Reservoir overflowed as torrential rain continued to wreak havoc in South China.”

“In Hunan province, a flooded river in Longshan county forced about 18,500 residents to leave an ancient township.

“Torrential rains and floods have affected 213,800 residents and forced the relocation of 32,800 people in the province, according to provincial authorities.”

“In neighboring Guizhou province, rescuers saved more than 150 residents who were stranded after their villages were flooded in Yanhe county. More than 1,500 people were relocated,” local media reported.

Central China

In central China’s Hunan Province, torrential rains have triggered extensive flooding forcing at least 20,000 people, including 5,000 tourists, to evacuate, Official Xinhua reported

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Posted by feww on June 22, 2016

CJ Members


  • Details of the LNDB Alert are available from BEACONS.

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Bangladesh Declares Disaster amid Surge in Lightning Deaths

Posted by feww on June 22, 2016

Lightning strikes kill more than 260 people in Bangladesh

At least 261 people have been killed by lightning strikes in Bangladesh, so far this year, putting the disaster-prone country on track to top last year’s 265 fatalities.

Most lightning deaths in the region occur during the warm months in spring, summer and early fall.


Meanwhile, at least 93 people were killed by lightning storms across India in the past 2 days, and dozens more have been injured.

The government has declared that it will give 400,000 rupees ($5,925) to each of the lightning victims’ families. Injured farmers may also receive some compensation.

In 2014, a record 2,500 people were killed in the country, according to the official figures.

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Wildfire in Utah Forcing Hundreds of Evacuations

Posted by feww on June 22, 2016

The Saddle Fire in Pine Valley, Utah intensifies

LATEST: The Saddle Fire is now forcing hundreds of evacuations in the Pine Valley recreation area north of St. George, Utah. Several trail and road closures are now in place, US Forest Service-Dixie reported.

The lightning-sparked Saddle Fire, which started on  June 13, has now grown to more than 650 acres, threatening at least 185 structures.

Meanwhile, NWS reported RECORD HEAT across Utah.

[Official] U.S.  Wildfire Stats

Some 132 new fires, including 21 large fires (7 new) burning 135,372 acres.

States currently reporting large fires:

Alaska (2), Arizona (3), California (5), Colorado (4), Montana (1), New Mexico (1), Utah (2)
Washington (1), Wyoming (2)

Year-to-date statistics
2016 (1/1/16 – 6/22/16) Fires: 23,453; Acres: 1,959,315
2015 (1/1/15 – 6/22/15) Fires: 25,633; Acres: 623,886

Annual average prior 10 years
2006-2015 Fires: 33,361; Acres: 1,768,405

Largest Fires (≥ 2,400 acres)


  • Cedar: acres= 40,340; personnel= 967; cost-to-date= $6.7million
  • Wildcat: acres= 1,502; personnel= 238; cost-to-date= $2.3million
  • Brown: acres= 15,282; personnel= 230; cost-to-date= $1.2million


  • San Gabriel Complex: acres= 4,900; personnel= 1,041; cost-to-date= $2.4million
  • Border 3: acres= 6,020; personnel= 1,550; cost-to-date= $2.7million
  • Sherpa: acres= 7,969;  personnel= 1,678 ; cost-to-date= $15.4million
  • Pony: acres= 2,858; personnel= 343;  cost-to-date= $14.9million

New Mexico

  • Dog Head: acres= 17,912; personnel= 938; cost-to-date= $7million


  • Short: acres= 2,300; personnel= 277; cost-to-date= $710k

Federal Fire Disaster Declarations [Fire Management Assistance Declarations]

  • Utah Saddle Fire (FM-5130)
  • California Fish Fire (FM-5129)
  • California Border 3 Fire (FM-5128)
  • New Mexico Dog Head Fire (FM-5127)
  • Oregon Akawana Fire (FM-5126)
  • Arizona Tenderfoot Fire (FM-5125)
  • California Old Fire (FM-5124)
  • New Hampshire Stoddard Fire (FM-5123)
  • Oklahoma 350 Fire Complex (FM-5122)
  • Kansas Burr Oak Fire (FM-5121)
  • Kansas Anderson Creek Fire (FM-5120)

Canada Totals:
Year-to-Date: 2,342 fires
Total Burned: 890,619 hectares [1 Hectare = 2.47 Acres]

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46,000 Students at California State University are Homeless

Posted by feww on June 22, 2016

Sent by a reader in the Golden State

About one in 10 of CSU’s 460,000 students homeless, one in five food insecure: Study

About 10 percent of California State University’s 460,000 students is homeless, while one in five is food secure, according to a new study.

“The study, commissioned by Cal State Chancellor Timothy P. White., is intended to provide better understanding of student homelessness, an issue that remains largely undocumented at the U.S. public universities.

“This is a gasp, when you think about it,” said White. “We’re going to find solutions that we can take to scale.”  [But, this is not a problem that has just surfaced out of the blue, Mr. White.]

Students who experience food insecurity and housing displacement are invisible, and there is very little research on this student population. While 56,588 students nationally and about 10,000 students in California identified themselves as independent homeless youth on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid in 2013 – 2014 (U.S. Department of Education unpublished data), this is undoubtedly a low count.

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“Australian teenage military recruits forced to rape each other as part of brutal initiation ritual”

Posted by feww on June 21, 2016

Sent by Zombie Democracy – Apartheid New Zealand Blog

Protecting our values the ANZAC way?

Older military recruits physically and sexually assaulted the junior recruits as part of ritualized practices of ‘bastardization’ that were designed to ‘break in’ and humiliate new entrants to the navy, according to  Counsel Angus Stewart, who is assisting an inquiry by the Royal Commission.

Read more…

And in New Zealand…

Informed sources say similar brutal, ritualized practices of ‘bastardization’ of the recruits is still ongoing, at least in the New Zealand military.

New Zealand soldiers seen covering their butts with both hands, presumably to prevent being molested by their senior officers. Photo supplied.”

Anzac day parade: an outrage on human conscience

IF war is so glorious, why do you have to lace it with sex to make it sell?

the war dildo - boobs on tanks
Ramming the War Dildo Up Your Tushi: By Hooks, Crooks and Massive Boobs! The war mechanics have it in for you! War Propaganda: Whether they are selling you war with the boobs on tanks gimmicks, the pathetic ANZAC Day way, or through the Armistice nostalgia crap, the war mechanics have you hooked by your private parts. Chelsea Charms, who claims to have the world’s biggest breasts, sits on a tank, selling the occupation war in Afghanistan during the ‘Boobs on Bikes’ parade along Queen Street [September 23, 2009.] Photo by David Rowland/NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright. [Source]

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Deadly Floods, Landslides Affect 3.7 Million People in S. China

Posted by feww on June 21, 2016

Dozens dead or missing, 200,000 displaced in southern China floods three days

Floods, landslides and mudslides have left dozens of people dead or missing and at least 197,000 others displaced in southern China since Saturday, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

According to the Ministry, by 9 a.m. Monday, about 3.7 million people in seven provinces, including Hubei and Sichuan, and Chongqing Municipality, had been affected by the disasters.

Extreme weather events has destroyed thousands of homes and 20,900 hectares of crops, with the direct economic losses estimated at about US$407.9 million, the officials said.

In northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, at least 13,000 people were displaced after torrential rains battered region , the report said.

’14 dead in floods, hailstorms across 3 Chinese provinces’

“Floods and landslides have caused 13 deaths in southwest China’s Guizhou Province and central China’s Hunan Province while a hailstorm had killed one in northern Shanxi Province as of Thursday morning, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said.

“Guizhou has reported nine fatalities and nine missing with about 65,600 people evacuated, due to heavy rainfall and landslides this month, said the ministry in a statement.

“Hunan has confirmed that four people have died, six remain missing and 157,000 people have been evacuated, while Shanxi reported one death and one missing, the statement said.

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Brush Fires in Angeles National Forest Force Mass Evacuations

Posted by feww on June 21, 2016

Hundreds of Homes Evacuated as Forest Fire Threatens Multiple Communities near Duarte, Azusa

Two brush fires in the Angeles National Forest near Duarte and Azusa have consumed about 6,000 acres, prompting the evacuation of at least 685 homes, The Angeles National Forest spokesperson said.

The so called Fish Fire and Reservoir Fire were zero percent contained, as of posting, but had not combined as of 20:30 local time. They were separated by about 2km, said LA County Fire Dept.

About 700 crews from the U.S. Forest Service and the L.A. County Fire Department were tackling the fast moving fires, which were fueled by strong winds, relative low humidity and 3-digit heat.

Evacuation orders were issued in Duarte for Markwood Street, Deerlane Drive, Mount Olive Drive, Spinks Canyon Road, Rim Road, Goldenmeadow Drive, High Mesa Drive and Tall Pink Drive

Also evacuated were Azusa’s Mountain View area, Rainbow Ranch, and Fish Canyon Equestrian Center.

Meanwhile, the federal government issued a Fire Disaster Management Assistance for Fish Fire (FM-5129).



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