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“Australian teenage military recruits forced to rape each other as part of brutal initiation ritual”

Posted by feww on June 21, 2016

Sent by Zombie Democracy – Apartheid New Zealand Blog

Protecting our values the ANZAC way?

Older military recruits physically and sexually assaulted the junior recruits as part of ritualized practices of ‘bastardization’ that were designed to ‘break in’ and humiliate new entrants to the navy, according to  Counsel Angus Stewart, who is assisting an inquiry by the Royal Commission.

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And in New Zealand…

Informed sources say similar brutal, ritualized practices of ‘bastardization’ of the recruits is still ongoing, at least in the New Zealand military.

New Zealand soldiers seen covering their butts with both hands, presumably to prevent being molested by their senior officers. Photo supplied.”

Anzac day parade: an outrage on human conscience

IF war is so glorious, why do you have to lace it with sex to make it sell?

the war dildo - boobs on tanks
Ramming the War Dildo Up Your Tushi: By Hooks, Crooks and Massive Boobs! The war mechanics have it in for you! War Propaganda: Whether they are selling you war with the boobs on tanks gimmicks, the pathetic ANZAC Day way, or through the Armistice nostalgia crap, the war mechanics have you hooked by your private parts. Chelsea Charms, who claims to have the world’s biggest breasts, sits on a tank, selling the occupation war in Afghanistan during the ‘Boobs on Bikes’ parade along Queen Street [September 23, 2009.] Photo by David Rowland/NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright. [Source]

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