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Global Consequences of Corrupt Politics in United States – Part VI

Posted by feww on January 14, 2017

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Presentation: Consequences of Corrupt U.S. Politics at the Edge of Apocalypse — Plutocracy, Oligarchy & the Cabal

[Prepared by Affiliated Scientists]

  • Parts I – VI are available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.



2 Responses to “Global Consequences of Corrupt Politics in United States – Part VI”

  1. Kate B. said

    How long have the US elections been hacked by Russians?

    • PP said

      You’re asking the wrong question. If you asked how the US election was rigged, the answer would be along the following lines.

      The US election system was genetically corrupt at inception. It was designed, among other reasons, to exclude the black vote.

      1. It’s a two-pony circus, controlled by a two-party mafia.
      2. It’s subject to massive voter suppression.
      3. Congressional Districts are gerrymandered.
      4. In 2016, at least 15 states used direct-recording electronic machines (DREs) that left no paper trails.
      5. The US electorate are among the most politically ignorant and uninformed voters in the world.
      6. The uneducated white voters are easily manipulated by issues concerning race, religion, unemployment, immigration…
      7. Good Moral Character. The candidates may not be foreign agents, gangsters, slumlords, drug baron, Human and Sex Traffickers, women haters…
      8. The candidates are not required to submit for mental or physical examination by government doctors. Schizophrenia? Dementia? Psychosis? Untreated syphilis?
      9. The US constitution is outdated, especially as it pertains to the executive branch. It makes no sense to have 100 senators in the Senate, 435 reps in the House, and only one president in the office.
      10.There are no checks and balances: We The People are unable to “un-elect” a bad president.

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