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Posted by feww on March 9, 2017

India, world’s 63rd poorest country, is the largest importer of major arms

India, with a per capita GDP of $6,658¹, is world’s 63rd poorest nation. However, she is also the largest importer of major arms.

The 34-billion-dollar question:

Why does the most corrupt country in Asia Pacific², and arguably the most polluted place on Earth³, spend so much money buying arms instead of improving social welfare? Is she trying to preserve her way of life, or protect the already depleted natural resources?


  • ¹GDP per capita, adjusted for relative purchasing power (PPP), 2016 International Dollars. Data obtained from International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Database, October 2016.
  • India’s GDP (nominal) per capita 2016 World Bank: $1,598 (Current USD).
  • Central African Republic with a GDP of $656 is the poorest the list of 189 nations.
  • ²India Is The Most Corrupt Country In Asia Pacific, Two-Third Of All Indians Have To Pay Bribe.
  • ³India, world’s second most populous country, is among the most polluted countries.
  • Between 2008 and 2015, India purchased defence [sic] equipment worth $34 billion, while Wahhabi Arabia’s purchase was worth $93.5 billion, according to a report.


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