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5.25 trillion plastic particles currently floating in world’s oceans

Posted by feww on March 15, 2017

Plastic threat increasing in world’s oceans

Researchers estimate at least 5.25 trillion plastic particles weighing 268,940 tons are currently floating in world’s oceans (December 2014).

Model results for the total particle count and weight of plastic floating in the world’s oceans.

“Our estimates suggest that the two Northern Hemisphere ocean regions contain 55.6% of particles and 56.8% of plastic mass compared to the Southern Hemisphere, with the North Pacific containing 37.9% and 35.8% by particle count and mass, respectively. In the Southern Hemisphere the Indian Ocean appears to have a greater particle count and weight than the South Atlantic and South Pacific oceans combined.”

‘Extraordinary’ levels of pollutants found in 10km deep Mariana trench, in the Pacific Ocean, shows nowhere is safe from human impact, say researches.

“Small crustaceans that live in the pitch-black waters of the trench, captured by a robotic submarine, were contaminated with 50 times more toxic chemicals than crabs that survive in heavily polluted rivers in China,” said a report citing researchers.

Plastic Pollution in the World’s Oceans: More than 5 Trillion Plastic Pieces Weighing over 250,000 Tons Afloat at Sea

Annual global production of plastics has increased from 5 million tons in the 1950s to well over 230 million tons today. However, because of their disposable nature substantial quantities of plastic items have been discarded to the environment and so the abundance of microplastic is likely to increase over the next few decade.

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2 Responses to “5.25 trillion plastic particles currently floating in world’s oceans”

  1. Johan M. said

    Half of all seabirds along south-east Queensland coast have plastic in stomachs: CSIRO

    Also, the ethical nation is world’s largest coal exporter, accounting for about 2/5 of all coal exports globally. Up to 500 million tonnes of coal is mined in the country, with about 400 Mt exported.

  2. That’s really sad I hope people will start picking up there rubbish. I was reading once before about qld council dump rubbish in the ocean.

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