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Double Massacre in Egypt

Posted by feww on April 9, 2017

ISIL Kill Innocent People in Egypt, While US Playing Cruise Missiles in Syria

Two deadly blasts at Tanta’s Mar Girgis Church and Alexandria’s St Mark’s Cathedral killed and wounded dozens as Egyptian Christians (Copts) celebrated Palm Sunday.

The combined death toll from the terrorist attacks climbed to at least 47, with dozen more wounded, according to the Egyptian Health Ministry.

Death toll from attack on Mar Girgis Church, Tanta, reached 29, with 71 others wounded, as of posting.

Death toll in Alexandria cathedral bombing has climbed to at least 18, with 60 others wounded

2 Responses to “Double Massacre in Egypt”

  1. G. Ryan said

    A Don-key experiment?

  2. B. Williams said

    Cognitive dissonance much?
    Egyptian government is unable to protect its Christian population against terrorism. Yet, the orange orangutan invites the mass-murderer president, Abdel Fattah el-SISI, to his White Swamp for a red-carpet treatment. Whereas, he bombs Syria even though the government is at war with terrorists to protect its citizens, including the many Christians.

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