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Our Readers Warned about The Intercept and Washington Post

Posted by feww on June 6, 2017

Submitted by a reader

WikiLeaks issues $10,000 reward for info related to reporter who exposed NSA whistleblower

Low-level intelligence contractor, Reality Winner, may have risked prison for leaking allegedly “top-secret,” but clearly planted, no proof, no data intelligence; however, that’s hardly the issue.

“WikiLeaks issues a US$10,000 reward for information leading to the public exposure & termination of this ‘reporter,'” WikiLeaks announced on Twitter.

Readers’ emails:

blogger in NY:

Is First Look Media’s “the Intercept” another weapon of mass deception?

blogger in NY:

Finally, more questions are being raised about the real identity of INTERCEPT/ First Look Media and their CIA-MI6-Guardian-style double-psychology games.


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