Fire Earth

Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

On Which Planet Was the Fate of Humans and the Fate of Earth Decided?

Posted by feww on June 26, 2017

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Zuckerberg Zonks the Zombies, Again!


When human race was finally consumed, skin, flesh and soul, alien reptiles from planet Zuckzos celebrated by torching Earth.

How was a tiny number of reptiles allowed to destroy life on the planet?

Why did the laws and systems, designed to protect humans, fail to function and instead worked against them, allowing the evil parasites like Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates, Brin, Page, Adelson… to consume them?

[Prepared by Blog Contributors.]

  • Presentation available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.


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