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Two nuclear reactors pose “a credible threat of a severe accident” in S. Texas

Posted by feww on August 30, 2017

Flooding could cause electrical fires, other cascading events, triggering severe accidents leading to meltdown –Report

Watchdog groups have raised concerns of “a credible threat of a severe accident” at two nuclear reactors still operating at full capacity despite severe flooding caused by hurricane HARVEY, a report said.

South Texas Project’s Main Cooling Reservoir is surrounded by a 20km-long earth and cement dike. 

The groups called for the immediate shutdown of the South Texas Project, which sits behind an embankment at risk of breaching, given the volume of water raining down in the region.

“Both the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the STP operator have previously recognized a credible threat of a severe accident initiated by a breach of the embankment wall that surrounds the 7,000-acre reactor cooling water reservoir,” said the director of the Reactor Oversight Project with Beyond Nuclear in Takoma Park, Maryland.

“The top of the cooling reservoir wall is between 65 and 67 feet above mean sea level, with the reactor site situated below at 29 feet above mean sea level.”

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Texas Floods Update:

  • Port Arthur Shelter Has Been Inundated by Rising Floodwater
  • The entire town of Port Arthur in under water, the mayor reported.
  • Texas has activated 14,000 National Guards (up from 12,000), with an additional 10,000 on standby.
  • Hurricane related fatalities have reached 30, and expected to rise, according to reports.
  • About 30,000 people have so far fled their homes in Houston area [20,000 homes have been evacuated.]
  • Incidents of looting and armed robberies have forced authorities to impose a midnight to 5:00 am curfew in Houston area.
  • Areas impacted by HARVEY is much larger than either KATRINA, or SANDY, TX governor said.
  • As much as 140cm of rain has fallen in some areas, since Friday.
  • “I have asked for and received an expansion of the number of counties added to the federal disaster declaration… We have added 14 counties. Now the total is 33 counties,” TX governor said.



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