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From Puerto Rico to un infierno

Posted by feww on September 25, 2017

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Puerto Rico turned into a living hell

[Special report prepared by FIRE-EARTH Affiliates.]

  • [Details available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.


2 Responses to “From Puerto Rico to un infierno”

  1. Dan R. said

    How the Pentagon Spun Hurricane Maria
    U.S. officials inadvertently included a Bloomberg reporter on an internal email list. Here’s a glimpse into their bid to put relief efforts in a positive light.
    By Christopher Flavelle

    Late last month, Pentagon communications officials inadvertently included Bloomberg climate reporter Christopher Flavelle on an internal distribution list, in which Defense Department and Federal Emergency Management Agency officials discussed their evolving strategy for presenting the response to Hurricane Maria.

    Despite repeatedly alerting officials to the error, Bloomberg continued receiving the emails for five days. Those messages, each of which was marked “unclassified,” offer a glimpse into the federal government’s struggle to convince the public that the response effort was going well. That struggle was compounded by the commander-in-chief, and eased only when public attention was pulled to a very different disaster.

    Below are passages from those messages, tied to the events that federal officials were trying to respond to.
    More at

  2. Angela W. said

    The United States should hand over the control of Puerto Rico to another country, a nation with moral values, to prevent a humanitarian crisis or worse.

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