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The 97th Ugliest Woman in America: Katie Quackenbush, 26

Posted by feww on October 12, 2017

Submitted by a reader

Homeless man shot by woman who refused to move Porsche so he could sleep

Homeless man Gerald Melton was trying to sleep on a sidewalk near Nashville’s Music Row at 3 a.m. when he became disturbed by exhaust fumes and loud music coming from a Porsche SUV, driven by America’s 97th ugliest woman.

“Melton said he asked the driver of the Porsche, alleged to have been Quackenbush, to move the vehicle. An argument ensued, with both parties yelling at each other. Melton said he walked back to where he was attempting to sleep. Quackenbush is alleged to have gotten out of the Porsche armed and, as the argument continued, fired two shots at Melton. He suffered a critical abdominal wound. He said the shooter got back into the Porsche and fled,” Nashville police said.

Police have since charged Katie Quackenbush, 26, with attempted murder for the August 26th shooting of the victim near Music Row.

Katie Quackenbush, 26, the 97th ugliest woman in the U.S. Source: Metropolitan Government of Nashville


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