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The Facts Behind Bombing Syria

Posted by feww on April 15, 2018


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Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons V.  Prolific Use of DU

Background Summary:

  • Israel
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Chemical weapons versus depleted uranium (DU; also called Q-metal, or D-38).
  • The US and NATO forces used 350 tons of DU penetrator rounds in the 1991 Gulf War, as well as in the Bosnia war, the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and 2015 airstrikes on ISIS in Syria.
  • US jets and tanks fired about 10,000 DU rounds in Iraq during the war in 2003.
  • Exposure to uranium, a toxic metal, affects normal functioning of the brain, heart, liver, kidney and other systems.
  • Long-term environmental impacts of depleted uranium.
  • Radiological hazards; a neurotoxic with carcinogenic and leukemogenic potential.
  • Birth defect in children from 1991 Gulf War combat veterans were caused by depleted uranium poisoning.
  • Gulf War veterans were found 1.8 (male) to 2.8 (female) times more likely to have children with birth defects.

[Prepared by affiliated political scientists.]

  • Report 041402R available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.

2 Responses to “The Facts Behind Bombing Syria”

  1. A.J. said


    The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack
    Exclusive: Robert Fisk visits the Syria clinic at the centre of a global crisis

    War stories, however, have a habit of growing darker. For the same 58-year old senior Syrian doctor then adds something profoundly uncomfortable: the patients, he says, were overcome not by gas but by oxygen starvation in the rubbish-filled tunnels and basements in which they lived, on a night of wind and heavy shelling that stirred up a dust storm.
    So the story of Douma is thus not just a story of gas – or no gas, as the case may be. It’s about thousands of people who did not opt for evacuation from Douma on buses that left last week, alongside the gunmen with whom they had to live like troglodytes for months in order to survive.

    Audio by Scott Ritter: Syria and the Myth of Ethical Wars
    [Sourced from:]

    Trump Just Launched Another Illegal Attack Against Syria
    Administration hard-liners are putting US national-security interests in grave jeopardy.
    By James Carden
    For the second time in just over a year, President Donald J. Trump has launched an illegal and unnecessary airstrike against the government of Syria for a crime it may very well not have committed.

    The joint US-French-British strike on three alleged chemical weapons facilities in the vicinity of Damascus and Homs were carried out, according to US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, in order to defend “vital American interests.”

    And while last November’s OPCW-UN report pinned the blame for the April 2017 chemical-weapons attack on Assad, the late investigative journalist Robert Parry pointed out that the report also contained evidence that ‘more than 100 victims of sarin exposure were taken to several area hospitals before the alleged Syrian warplane could have struck the town of Khan Sheikhoun.’

    And then there is the issue of motive: On the verge of victory after a brutal and costly war, does it make sense that Assad would opt to commit the one sure thing that would unite the international community against him, draw airstrikes by the United States and its coalition partners — and perhaps more?

    This of course doesn’t rule out Assad, but it does raise some uncomfortable questions for those cheering yet another illegal U.S. military attack against a country that has been under attack for the past seven years by the same forces that attacked us on 9/11.

  2. Ted C. said
    Claims about Syria Attack “Unraveling”

    AFP reports: “At destroyed Syria lab, workers deny producing toxic weapons.” Similarly, CBS News reports: “One of the targets of U.S.-led coalition airstrikes in Syria was still smoldering late Saturday afternoon, reports CBS News’ Seth Doane, the only American network correspondent inside Syria. The U.S. military says the Barzeh complex in Damascus was a ‘center for the research, development, production and testing of chemical and biological weapons.’ Scientist Sayed said his office was there. …

    “He said it’s ‘totally incorrect’ that chemical weapons were being developed there. ‘The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) visited here and didn’t report anything wrong with this place.’ … A package on the side of the road is anti-venom, which Sayed says is what they were producing.

    Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff for Colin Powell told the Institute for Public Accuracy: “OPCW will play it close to the political power realities. It always does. Expect studied ambiguity but aimed at Bashar al-Assad.” See recent piece by former weapons inspector Scott Ritter: “Trump’s Rush to Judgment on Syria Chemical Attack” in The American Conservative. Also see by the late editor of Consortium News, Robert Parry: “How U.S. Pressure Bends UN Agencies.” Parry notes that John Bolton — newly installed as National Security Advisor — had ousted the head of the OPCW in 2002, Brazilian diplomat Jose Bustani in order facilitate the invasion of Iraq. Parry also critiques the current head of the agency, Turkish diplomat Ahmet Uzumcu.

    REESE ERLICH, ReeseErlich2 at
    Erlich is author of Inside Syria: The Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect. A freelance journalist who began reporting from Syria in 2002, he writes the syndicated column “Foreign Correspondent.”

    He said today: “The official version of the U.S. missile attack on Syria is already unraveling. The supposed chemical weapons factory bombed by the U.S. didn’t leak chemicals. There have been no independent confirmations that the bombed sites had any connection to chemical weapons. In 1998 President Bill Clinton directed a missile strike against a ‘chemical weapons’ factory in Sudan, which turned out to be a pharmaceutical plant.

    “Chemical weapons inspectors are currently in Damascus waiting to visit Douma where the alleged chemical attack took place. Why didn’t Trump wait for them to make an inspection?”

    BEAU GROSSCUP, bgrosscup at
    Grosscup is author of several books, including: The Newest Explosions of Terrorism and most recently, Strategic Terror: The Politics and Ethics of Aerial Bombardment. He is professor emeritus at California State University-Chico.

    He said today: “Last Friday’s U.S.-led air strikes on Syria are part of a battle royal being waged between two powerful constituencies within the U.S. government, both of whose goals are the extension and permanence of U.S. power abroad.

    Institute for Public Accuracy

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