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KILAUEA VOLCANO: Lava Erupting Intermittently from 8 Fissures

Posted by feww on May 6, 2018


USGS –  Saturday, May 5, 2018, 11:42 PM HST (Sunday, May 6, 2018, 09:42 UTC)

19°25’16” N 155°17’13” W, Summit Elevation 4091 ft (1247 m)
Current Volcano Alert Level: WARNING
Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE

Lower East Rift Zone Eruption

The intermittent eruption of lava in the Leilani Estates subdivision in the lower East Rift Zone of Kīlauea Volcano continues. Fissure 7 stopped erupting in mid-afternoon. A new fissure erupted this evening near fissures 2 and 7, and lava fountains reached as high as about 70 m (230 ft). Early this morning, new ground cracks were reported on Highway 130, but no heat or escaping steam was subsequently observed.

Seismicity and deformation are consistent with continued accumulation of magma within the rift zone.

Residents should remain informed and heed Hawaii County Civil Defense closures, warnings, and messages (

For maps showing the locations of eruption features, please see

For information on volcanic air pollution, please see:

HVO geologists will be in the area overnight to track and report to Hawaii County Civil Defense on the activity, and other scientists are closely tracking the volcano’s overall activity using various monitoring data streams.

Kīlauea Volcano Summit

Tiltmeters at the summit of Kīlauea Volcano continue to record the deflationary trend of the past several days. Satellite InSAR data show that between April 23 and May 5, 2018, the summit caldera floor subsided about 10 cm (4 in). Corresponding to this deflationary trend, the summit lava lake level in Overlook crater has dropped about 128 m (518 ft) below the crater rim since April 30. Rockfalls from the crater walls into the retreating lake produced ashy plumes above Halemaumau crater today, resulting in light ashfall in the summit area. Rockfalls and ashy plumes are expected to continue as the lake level drops.

Earthquake activity in the summit increased in the past 2 days, coincident with the magnitude-6.9 earthquake on May 4 beneath the south flank of Kīlauea. In the past two days, about 152 magnitude-2 and magnitude-3 earthquakes occurred at depths less than 5 km (3 miles) beneath the summit area. Twenty two magnitude 3 earthquakes were recorded. These earthquakes are related to the ongoing subsidence of the summit area and beneath the south flank of the volcano.

View of new fissure from Luana Street near fissure 2 and 7, Leilani Estates

A new fissure erupted this evening near fissures 2 and 7, beginning with small lava spattering at about 8:44 p.m. HST. By 9:00 p.m., lava fountains as high as about 70 m (230 ft) were erupting from the fissure. [USGS/HVO]

Kīlauea Volcano lower East Rift Zone eruption

Left: At 07:45 a.m. HST, today, lava from fissure 7 slowly advanced to the northeast on Hookapu Street in Leilani Estates subdivision on Kīlauea Volcano’s lower East Rift Zone. A map showing the location of the fissures is posted on HVO’s website at Right: At 12:26 p.m. HST today, a crack opened on Pohoiki Road just east of Leilani Street in the Leilani Estates subdivsion.  [USGS/HVO]

Nightmare on Leilani and Makamae Streets 

A panoramic view of fissure 7 from the intersection of Leilani and Makamae Streets in the Leilani Estates subdivision. This photo was taken at 06:01 a.m. HST today.  [USGS/HVO]

FIRE-EARTH themes for the eruption photos are available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.

Ongoing Seismicity

M4.6 44km SSE of Volcano, Hawaii   –  8.7 km
2018-05-05 03:30:15 (UTC) 

M4.7 – 20km SE of Leilani Estates, Hawaii   –  10.1 km
2018-05-05 01:20:27 (UTC) 

M5.3 – 16km E of Pahala, Hawaii  –  8.9 km
2018-05-05 00:37:10 (UTC)

M4.8 – 8km WSW of Volcano, Hawaii   –  2.7 km
2018-05-04 22:48:19 (UTC)

M4.6 – 13km S of Volcano, Hawaii   –   7.7 km
2018-05-04 22:42:42 (UTC)

M4.6 – 17km S of Volcano, Hawaii  –  7.9 km
2018-05-04 22:37:18 (UTC)

M6.9 – 16km SW of Leilani Estates, Hawaii   –  5.0 km
2018-05-04 22:32:55 (UTC)

M5.4 – 18km SW of Leilani Estates, Hawaii    –   6.9 km
2018-05-04 21:32:44 (UTC)

M5.0 – 18km S of Fern Acres, Hawaii  –  6.9 km
2018-05-03 20:30:56 (UTC)

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