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Earthquake Rattles Taiwan, Felt Strongly in Taipei

Posted by feww on October 23, 2018

BJC – 102302

M6.1 earthquake strikes off Taiwan’s coast

The quake struck about 100 km off Taiwan’s coastal city of Hualien [Pop: 120k.] There were no immediate reports of casualties, or damage.

Earthquake Report:

[Japan Weather Bureau]

Magnitude: 6.1 (ML)

Location: 24.0N, 122.6E [Region Name: Yonagunijima Kinkai]
Depth: 30km
Occurred at 13:35 JST on 23 Oct 2018 (JST)

[Taiwan Weather Bureau]

Magnitude: 6.0(ML)

Location: 24.00N, 122.64E [104.2 km E of Hualien County ]
Depth: 31.3
Original Time: 10/23 at 12:34:58:0 (Taiwan Standard Time = GMT + 8:00)

Earthquake Related News:

Unevolved Primates: Another Japanese firm admits falsifying data for earthquake safety equipment

Another Japanese company supplying earthquake safety equipment for protecting buildings has admitted falsifying data, authorities said on Tuesday, a week after a Tokyo-based firm admitted to a similar fraud.

“Kawakin Holdings’ oil damper unit altered data for products installed at 93 education facilities, government buildings and offices, the land ministry said.”

Tokyo-based parts maker KYB and its subsidiary Kayaba System Machinery falsified safety data linked to it “oil dampers,” which are used in about 1,000 buildings across Japan, according to the land ministry.

“The ministry declined to name buildings affected but local media reported they may include the Tokyo Skytree – one of the world’s tallest buildings at 634m – as well as the Tokyo local government’s headquarters.”




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