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Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

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FIRE-EARTH Conference: Giga Trends – Extraterrestrial Doom Scenario

Posted by feww on December 15, 2018


  • TIA [September 24, Confidential 10]
  • RNR [December 3, Confidential 10]
  • GTEG [December 11, Confidential 10]

Nominated Groups:

  • Executive

Based on earth dwellers’ inability to change direction, economy and lifestyle, together with assessment of the elite Zeitgeist, the available data and trends, as well as

  • History of civilization (past experience)
  • Current socioeconomic developments (present trends)
  • The exponential rate at which the dynamics of collapse are compounded (future events)

CASF Model, has produced the following forecast concerning the probability of incidence of seven Giga Trends:

End Game Scenarios

  1. The Champagne Club Scenario. Water, food, shelter, sanitation, education, health and energy continue to be available at increasingly higher prices to anyone who can afford it.
  2. The Gaza Strip Scenario. Majority of humanity is caged like animals, and kept under permanent military curfew.
  3. Involuntary Mass ‘Euthanasia’ Scenario. More than 90 percent of world population is annihilated by the world elite via conventional methods such as genocide by starvation, ethnic cleansing, disease and poverty, or using biological and chemical agents including exotic depopulation weapons.
  4. A Sustainable Future Scenario. Humanity rapidly climbs the evolutionary ladder, reverses the exponential growth economy and opts for non-suicidal, sustainable lifestyles.
  5. Extraterrestrial Doom Scenario. Life on Earth becomes extinct when a large extraterrestrial object (asteroid or bolide) strikes the planet.

[Prepared by EDRO, FIRE-EARTH Science Teams and affiliated scientists.]

  • Presentation Life on Earth becomes extinct (121502) available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.

FIRE-EARTH Top Ten Alerts

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Important Notice: Communication and Inquiry Protocols – You’re Being Tracked!

Posted by feww on December 15, 2018

Nominated Groups:

  • All groups

Communication and Inquiry Protocols – 121502

Tracking and VPN Tunneling Protocols

Please be advised this blog, and all other blogs hosted by WordPress, are tracking visitors.

Recent, exhaustive research show that features extracted during a visit to WordPress blogs are used for both single- and cross-browser fingerprinting, especially using TOR, with 99.9 percent success.

Further, we’ve tested about two dozen commercially available VPN tunneling protocols, but found only two completely leakage free.

Full details are available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS (FEP).

If you do not yet have permission to use FEP, please seek advice from your team leaders. They’d be able to relay the relevant information without compromising anonymity.

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