Fire Earth

Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

Earth Dwellers Incapable of Evolving Further 2

Posted by feww on December 19, 2018


  • TIA [September 24, Confidential 10]
  • RNR [December 3, Confidential 10]
  • GTEG [December 11, Confidential 10]  –  Q&A Session 2
  • OPGA [December 18, Confidential 10]

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FIRE-EARTH Report: Earth Dwellers Incapable of Evolving Further 2

Take the Facebook users, for example!

Massive plethora of evidence suggest the great majority of earth dwellers are subspecies of humanoids whose evolutionary development curves have flattened. They’re incapable of evolving further.

[FIRE-EARTH Report:  Earth Dwellers Incapable of Evolving Further 2, prepared by FIRE-EARTH Science Teams and affiliated scientists.]

  • Report available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.

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3 Responses to “Earth Dwellers Incapable of Evolving Further 2”

  1. Caroline W. said

    I understand from reading the blog posts that “SEM support” (?) have been withdrawn for California, NY, Ohio and other areas in N. America. Would it be possible to share the reason why?
    I’m a high school teacher in Los Angeles area and would like to further my students understanding of the concept and their ability to perceive what’s really happening around us.

  2. DT said

    “Starting soon, a series of mega disasters will leave much of the US unlivable!” –Oracle of Menestheus

    Posted by te2ataria on July 6, 2020

    Sent by a Medium
    Mega disasters, possible civil war and mass exodus threaten the US –OM

    On July 6, 2019, exactly a year ago, the following prophecy by the Oracle of Menestheus [“OM”] was posted on the internet.

    The prophesy was censored by the US and UK media and Internet sites, but it was published by

    Oracle of Menestheus Μαντεῖον τοῦ Μενεσθέως
    08:59 GMT 06.07.2019
    Starting soon, a series of mega disasters will leave much of the US unlivable! [See previous comments regarding the probability of civil war in the U.S.] See also related comments previously posted on the mass exodus to and invasion of Canada by Americans including: /radio_trendstorm/201903091073039791-canada-trouble-brewing-for-trudeau/#comments …… If Russians disavow and abandon their white supremacist tendencies, they’ll be provided with vital information.—reports/#comments

    The prophecy followed a series of similar predictions posted as early as March 2019.

    Oracle of Menestheus Μαντεῖον τοῦ Μενεσθέως
    16:28 GMT 11.03.2019
    Cataclysmic trouble is brewing for all Canadians thanks to their distant cousins south of the border. On mm/dd/yy their southern neighbors will begin a full-scale invasion of the occupied country after the first of a series of mega disasters has struck, leaving much of the US unlivable. Russia needs to mobilize a major rescue task force, planning multiple escape routes for mass evacuation of her nationals and friends.

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