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Who’s Afraid of Compound 1080?

Posted by terres on February 10, 2008

[New Zealand Poisoning Syndrome (NZPS), Health Bulletin # 2. Exposure to Compound 1080 Feb. 10, 2008]

Should You be afraid of 1080?

Sodium fluoroacetate (aka, sodium monofluoroacetate, compound 1080 or 1080)

1080 is a potent metabolic poison that works by interfering with the citric acid cycle, and is used primarily to control mammalian pests, including invasive species. The existence of this chemical was first noted in the Second World War.

Compound 1080 is the most toxic pesticide registered by the World Health Organization, WHO. It is rarely used in the U.S. because it is highly toxic and kills wildlife indiscriminately. The only manufacturer of 1080 left in the U.S. ships most of its production to New Zealand. More information on 1080 …

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New Zealand: The nadir of human aspirations

Posted by feww on November 24, 2007

The “rabbit hole of morality downunder from which Alice will never return!”

My colleague calls New Zealand “the nadir of human aspirations.” The “rabbit hole of morality downunder from which Alice will never return!” When I read the following I knew instantly what that meant.

“In New Zealand around 800,000 pigs are slaughtered each year. For many pigs, death is the only thing that brings relief from any further suffering. Most pigs are reared indoors under extremely intensive and cruel conditions. They are denied their natural behaviour, suffer illnesses and leg disorders …”

“Pigs raised for slaughter are often kept in dark, barren and overcrowded pens. … these young pigs turn to vices such as aggression and tail-biting other pigs which can lead to cannibalism. Instead of providing better conditions for the animals, farmers reduce tail biting by cutting off part of the piglet’s tail, without the use of anaesthetic.” Read More…

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