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Nature to Aussies: “I know where you live!”

Posted by feww on February 16, 2011

Plagued by Back-to-Back Disasters

Australia: More Cyclones, Extreme Rain, Gale Force Winds, Flooding …

Nature’s responses are becoming increasingly up close and personal.

Cyclone Carlos buffets Darwin, Top End

Darwin and the Tiwi Islands continue to be pummeled by strong winds and torrential rain, as Cyclone Carlos edges closer to the coast.

  • Darwin received a record rainfall of 366mm in 24 hours.
  • CARLOS has dumped more rain on Darwin than YASI  did on Innisfail, weather reports say.
  • Record 435mm of rain fell in the Darwin suburb of Marrara in 24 hours.
  • Dozens of houses have already been inundated.
  • School has been canceled for the next two days.
  • Scores of trees and powerlines are down.
  • Darwin Airport has been closed indefinitely. 
  • Winds gusts of about 100kmph are currently pummeling   the coastal area between Darwin and Point Stuart.
  • Many roads in and around Darwin are currently flooded and impassible.

Tropical Cyclone Carlos Radar Image

TC Carlos — 128 km Darwin (Berrimah) Radar (BOM Australia)

Latest Australia Satellite Image

Source:  Australia

Tropical Cyclone CARLOS Projected Path

Issued by BOM Darwin at 7:44 pm CST Wednesday 16 February 2011. Click images to enlarge.

Details for: TC CARLOS

Tropical Cyclone DIANNE Projected Path

Details for: TC DIANNE

Australia 24-hr Rainfall Map

Australia Flood Map

Source BOM Australia. Click images to enlarge.

Australia: Wild Weather WARNINGS

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Australia Floods: ‘Inland sea’ spreads across Victoria

Posted by feww on January 23, 2011

Mega Disasters Continue to Unfold in Australia

Massive inland sea of floodwater, 100km long, spreads across the Victoria

The floodwater is wiping out farms as it moves deeper into the north-west corner of Australian state of Victoria, reports say.

The Victorian Premier, Ted Baillieu, said an inland sea was  flowing into the north-west of the state:

“From the air this vast mass of water is making its way down the rivers and it’s on its way to Swan Hill, it’s on its way to the Murray and preparations continue in all these downstream towns.”

Inland Sea – Floodwaters around the town of Kerang. Landholders are trying to save what they can on their farms by moving livestock and machinery to higher ground. Image credit: ABC. Image may be subject to copyright .

“This has been a long battle and people are starting to get tired. This flood incident still has a number of weeks to go.” The State Emergency Service’s Kevin Monk said.

Australia Flood Map

Queensland Flood Map

New South Wales Flood Map

Victoria Flood Map

Source of Flood Maps: BOM

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Victorian Warnings Summary


Queensland Weather and Warnings

Australia: Current Weather and Warnings

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QLD Floods: Brisbane Under Seige

Posted by feww on January 12, 2011


Humans continued to devour energy at a rate of 17.3terrawatt in 2011, when maximum ‘safe’ limit was less than 1.9terrawatt. Australia? She was the world’s largest exporter of coal …

The Worst Is Yet to Come: FIRE-EARTH

Australian cities under siege as flood crisis worsens

Up to 50,000 properties in Brisbane are to be affected by floods as Brisbane River rises to expected peak of 4.5m Wednesday and 5.5m Thursday

Up to 2,000 people have already been evacuated from Brisbane homes and the figure is rising, local reports say.

Floodwaters are expected to submerge at least 50 Brisbane suburbs as the Brisbane River rises to 4.5m this afternoon before surging to a forecast peak of 5.5m by Thursday.

FIRE-EARTH believes the peak could potentially top 7m.

Brisbane residents are told to brace themselves for the worst flooding in 150 years.

New flood modeling shows that 19,700 homes and 3,500 businesses in 2,100 streets could be inundated in Brisbane.

Up to 50,000 buildings could be affected by flooding by Thursday.

Intense rain in Queensland

Image made from the Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis (MPA) based on data from the TRMM shows heavy rainfall in SE corner of Queensland, west and NW of Brisbane area on January 10. Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland and Australia’s third largest city. Source: NASA-EO. Click image to enlarge.

Dead Or Missing

The number of people killed by QLD’s Toowoomba area flash floods in the past 48 hours has climbed to 10, with more than 90 people still unaccounted for, the Queensland premier Ms Bligh said.

“It’s very sad overnight, we’ve seen even further notifications of missing people,” she told reporters.

“The police now are searching for more than 90 people. These are people who their families can no longer contact or find them.”

The total of reported flood-related deaths in Queensland since December 2010 currently stands at 20.


For Brisbane flood updates see comments section at the bottom of this page.

Brisbane Flood Map

Larger Flood Maps (PDF)

More Rain on the Way?

Source: Image from Japan Meteorological Agency satellite MTSAT-1R via Bureau of Meteorology. Posted on 12 January 2011 03:29UTC

Maryborough to Gold Coast River Condition

Maryborough to Gold Coast 24-hr Rainfall

Queensland Flood Map [12 Jan 2011]

NSW Flood Map [12 Jan 2011]

Source: BOM

Latest Weather Observations for the Brisbane Area

Queensland Warnings Summary

Australia’s Latest Weather Warnings

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Queensland Floods Spread to NSW

Posted by feww on January 7, 2011

Back-to-Back Disasters Could Hit Australia

Australia: Rainfall Forecast

BOM Forecast: Total Rainfall [07 to 14 Jan 2011]

B.O.M. Product Code: IDYPME04

Queensland Flood Map

(Click images to enlarge)

NSW Flood Map

Australia Flood Map

Source: BOM

Click images to enlarge. Download large image (5 MB, JPEG) — captured January 6, 2011

Download large image
(5 MB, JPEG) — captured December 12, 2010

Queensland floodwaters move south of the state border affecting the village of Goodooga in New South Wales, Australia, in early January 2011.  The two false-color images were taken by MODIS on NASA’s Aqua satellite before and after the flood waters crossed the state border. The top image was captured on January 6, 2011, and the bottom on December 12, 2010“Both images use a combination of infrared and visible light to increase the contrast between water and land. Water ranges in color from light blue to navy. Clouds appear light blue-green and cast shadows onto the land surface below. Vegetation is bright green. Bare ground appears in shades of pink-brown. The rectangular areas of fluorescent green and light blue south of the river belong to an irrigation station.” Source: NASA-EO.

Source: Image from Japan Meteorological Agency satellite MTSAT-1R via Bureau of Meteorology. Posted on 7 January 2011 14:08 UTC

Heavy rainfall leading to localised flash flooding and potentially worsening the existing river flood situation
For people in the Southeast Coast and Wide Bay and Burnett districts. —
Issued at 10:50 pm on Friday 7 January 2011

Synoptic Situation: At 10pm EST, an upper level low was located offshore fromthe Capricornia district while a low level trough was located near the Wide Baycoast.

Heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms are currently occurring about the southern Wide Bay and Burnett district and are forecast to develop about the Sunshine Coast during Saturday morning, and remaining parts of the Southeast Coast district on Saturday afternoon. Heavy rain may lead to localised flash floodingand/or worsen existing river flooding.

Flood warnings are current for various rivers and streams in these districts;refer to these products [] for further information.

The State Emergency Service advises that people in the affected area should:
· avoid driving, walking or riding through flood waters
· take care on the roads, especially in heavy downpours
· avoid swimming in swollen rivers and creeks

Contact the SES on 132 500 for emergency assistance if required.

The next warning is due to be issued by 5am Saturday

This warning is also available through TV and Radio broadcasts; the Bureau’s website at or call 1300 659 219. The Bureau and State Emergency Service would appreciate this warning being broadcast regularly.

Queensland Warnings Summary

New South Wales Warnings Summary

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