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Chile Lowers Quake Death Toll to 279

Posted by feww on March 5, 2010

ANYTHING is possible in CHILE

How did the Government Count the Dead in Round One?

There’s a time-honored convention, a simple mathematical algorithm for counting things like dead bodies. You look at them, record them in some way and count them.

Only a day or so ago Chilean government put the number of the dead from the M8.8 mega quake and the giant tsunami waves that occurred on Saturday at 802. And the number of missing at about 1,000.

Chilean authorities have sharply lowered the daeth toll 20 279, Reuters reported.

The government did not say whether the new figure could be subject to future downsizing, again.

They haven’t given any explanation, of course, save for a mention in passing that the previous toll had included the number of missing [sic.]

Could it be that the government is in denial because they know they could have at least saved the lives of the tsunami victims?

Fire-Earth is lowering its estimate for the HAITI Quake Disaster from 20,000 dead and injured to less than 5,000 (five thousand). The Moderators would reconsider this estimate if a shred of evidence could be produced.

Another Powerful Aftershock Strikes

Meanwhile, another powerful aftershock measuring up to 6.5Mw struck Antofagasta, Chile about 1,260km north of the capital, Santiago.

The epicenter of the aftershock, which struck at a depth of about 100km, was located at 22.330°S, 68.340°W, USGS/EHP reported.

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