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Cyclone ULUI – UPDATE Mar 19

Posted by feww on March 19, 2010

TC ULUI Still Moving Toward QLD

Cyclone ULUI has slowed down some, but still moving above 20ºS as previously forecast

TC ULUI – Latest Satellite image, as of posting

Cyclone ULUI – 4 km Visible/IR Image. Source CIMSS. Click Images to enlarge.

Wind Shear Source CIMSS. Click Images to enlarge.

Cyclone ULUI  (TC 20P) Details on March 19 at 06:00UTC

  • Position: 17.6S 157.1E
  • Max Sustained Winds:  120 km/hr (~ 65 kt)
  • Wind Gusts: 150 km/hr (~ 80 kt)
  • Movement:  SW (225 degrees)
  • Forward Speed:  ~ 12 km/hr ( 6 kt)
  • Location: About 920 km NE of Rockhampton;  1,090 east of Townsville, Australia; 1,200 E of Cairns
  • Maximum significant wave height: 8m (24 feet)
  • Sources: JTWC, CIMSS and others.

Cyclone ULUI – 1km Visible Image with Dynamical Models Superimposed. Source CIMSS. Click Images to enlarge.

According to the UKM Dynamical Model (see green line in the above image), the cyclone should have disappeared 3 days ago, strike QLD in a straight line two days ago, then completely dissipate by yesterday; however, the satellite images disagree with the model.

Cyclone ULUI: Projected Track.  Source: JTWC. According to this forecast TC ULUI would have to accelerate to speeds of about 22 km/h. Click image to enlarge.

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